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LIFE sucks

Posted by Yep at May 22, 2011
Tags:  2011 May

I had to choose between the lives of my children, My BF of a year and a half stood in the door as he put his coat and shoes on to leave and said I am moving in with another woman. I was 5 months pregnant he wanted this baby and I did to. I have 2 other boys and I have to work to keep a roof over their heads. My job pays well but is extremely labor intensive I was put on bed rest with both my boys they were both born early and were nicu babies. So I was left with the choice continue to work and provide a roof over my kids heads or go on bed rest and make my family homeless. My second income walked out the door. I choose my existing kids went to work and 5 days later went into labor had a still born baby boy.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Jun,11 19:45

I'm sorry for your loss. That's a terrible choice to have to make. For what its worth I believe you made the right choice because as sad as it was, you would have struggled financially to support the baby. You would have been living paycheck to paycheck and just barely getting by. Hopefully you remember what that asshole did to you, and if he ever comes crawling back tell him to go fuck himself. There is no forgiveness for what he did. Be strong. You've been blessed with two children, concentrate on them. God bless.

By anonymous at 04,Jun,11 17:35

I'm sorry for your loss as well.

Moving forward, if I were you I wouldn't waste my time searching for a dependable man. They are very hard to come by. I'm a man and I know very well the percentage of dead-beats out there (at least 70% of "men" aren't worth a woman's time). I consider myself one of the good ones (very subjective I know). I don't drink. I believe in God and pray every day, but I don't attend church because I'm definitely not a "joiner". I would not rather spend time with my friends. In fact, I try to keep the number of my friends to an absolute minimum. Self-sufficiency is the answer if you can handle the "isolation of independence". I can and it usually serves me well. Be a good mother to your two children and don't introduce a lousy dead-beat into their lives. Men who create babies and don't raise them are TOTAL, ABSOLUTE losers. There are MANY of that type out there.

By anonymous at 05,Jun,11 17:31

The baby didnt want to live in a world without love. The baby will get a second chance at life. And you don't need to feel good, you did the right thing.

By anonymous at 06,Jun,11 17:35

Good. We don't need more people in this world.

By marshalt at 06,Jun,11 19:28

Stop breeding with idiots that leave you! Problem solved!

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