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Posted by mindy at May 25, 2011
Tags: 2011 May  Money  Unemployment

i have three kids i just lost my unemployment cant find job about to lose everything. my husband tore his shoulder at work and got layed-off. so now he cant work ethier. i have been tring to find work but cant find any. mcdonalds is not doing anything. thats bad if you cant get a job in a fastfood place. im on food stamps but that dont pay the bills. im tired of struggleing to get buy. im tired of always worrying about how im going to to pay for my kids stuff they need. i want into the er thinking i was haveing a hart attack. they told me it was stress. they also said to take it easy and i said yea right. i just wish it would get better thats all. i hope the future for are kids is better then it is now or they are in trouble and so are we. thanks for reading this i know alot of people are in the same boat i hope it gets better for all of us really soon. god bless everyone.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Jun,11 17:45

I hope you push your children to do well in school. I don't know if your current situation is a result of your laziness or just bad luck, but it sounds like you don't have a good education.
By anonymous at 08,Jun,11 21:47

Education has nothing to do with it. I have a bachelor's degree and was unemployed for 3 yrs before finally finding work. I know many educated people in the same position. This happens to be the worst time in history for new graduates; they can't find jobs and have to stay at home with their parents after getting these degrees and student loans. Its not about laziness either, although I can't say for sure that's not the OP's issue. The economy is terrible; the worst its been in decades. Anyone who doesn't understand that is a moron.
By anonymous at 09,Jun,11 20:17

People in the USA spent longer days and more years of their life in school than any other Western country. The problem obviously isn't education, when there are people with college degrees who can't get jobs at a retail store. People are over educated and overqualified, for no good reason, because they've been sold this idea that a college education is going to be the key to success. People need specialized training, a trade, a skill. Jobs have been outsourced to countries where they can pay people slave wages, this lowers the living and working standards worldwide. In anycase if you wanna look at some of the things going on overseas.. is shocking. Conversely people in Europe where unions are strong, have 4 weeks of summer vacation, and a week off for Christmas and Easter, even the lowest paid workers get this. They asked me how many weeks vacation Americans get. I told them sometimes none but maybe a week or two if they've been at a place long enough and they work full time. They said, thats really sad. Only two weeks?
Its not a matter of education its a matter of human rights and greedy corporations, with no ethics, in terms of the environment or the human race.
By anonymous at 09,Jun,11 23:57

very well said, agree 100% i have a bachelors degree and cant find anything. im working as a security guard now but i have to eat and no one in my family will help me at all. i applied for diesel mechanic school in the fall. you can't outsource a job like that!!
By anonymous at 27,Jun,11 20:29

By anonymous at 08,Jun,11 21:36

i have the same feeling sometimes.i completely understand.pull yourself together,and continue looking for a'll get one finally.God bless.

By anonymous at 09,Jun,11 00:48

I have a professional job, good health insurance, and live in a nice home with plenty of food, clothes, and money for entertainment.
What I don't have is a husband, much less one who loves me, and I don't have any kids, either.
I would trade with you.

By anonymous at 10,Jun,11 16:20

I lost my home and the ability to live with my son. Jobs disappeared too. I had to move far away for a good job.

It is all bullshit. Home ownership, hard work, the "American dream", military service is all a lie.It doesn't matter how hard you work, how much education you get, or how smart you are. The banks own and control it all.

By anonymous at 27,Jun,11 20:26

I am an HR Rep. If your husband hurt his shoulder at work why isn't he receiving workers'Comp? It pays 66% of his regular salary. Not alot but something til something else comes up. Good Luck. Hang in there. It will work out. Also, your local DSS office can assist you with other programs like energy assistance to help with your power bill and temporary cash to assist with children's needs. Call your local Department of Social Services. Also, if you need a phone log on to and get yourself a free government cell phone. It's very easy. Just answer a few questions. you said you receive food stamps so that qualifies you for the phone. Good Luck.

By link building at 25,Oct,13 22:12

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