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Lord ,to who'm shall we go?

Posted by peter at January 22, 2010
Tags: January 2010  Philosophical

As I sit here at this table and think about what has taken place in my life I can't help but think that life sucks shit realy big time right now and has for about 6 years in a row now.I don't know why my life is in a hell hole and God seems to be closing his ears to my prayers,why there seems to be no light and no hope for my situation.I am at the end of my rope and I have nothing to say in defence for myself,I am a looser and have lost everything.I am at rock bottom and there is no place to go but up so I sit and wait,wait for God to help me but why won't he?why does he make me sit in darkness all day long and at night I can not sleep.Where is this God that said he would be with me in all my troubles? Why has he turned his face from me and does not listen to my complaint?Still I hope in God because in him is life,As John said:Lord to who'm shall we go ,you have the words of eternal life.Everything is gone but it won't change a thing cause I still look to Jesus Christ the author and finisher of my faith.My life is gone but there is still life in Jesus.


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By at 23,Jan,10 01:38

I've been a believer for a LONG time, basically all my life and you know what? God is REALLY strange and i donít mean that in an offensive way. but there are just things he does and lets things happen that makes me scratch my head. My pastor would say that instead of trying to understand, we should just trust. God can't snap his fingers and say "here ya go!" otherwise we wouldnít know what patience is nor can our trust build up in him. He has to plan things, he has to arrange things and prepare things for you. Who knows, if he were to help you now, it probably would put you in a deeper hole for whatever reason. I always have to remind myself that God sees the future, WE cannot. He can't say YES to every prayer. if that were the case, we'd probably VERY spoiled, and God doesnít want that, but understand that he does want you to have things. He's like a parent who wishes give his kids all the candy and toys in the world, but what would happen if he were to do that? we wouldnít learn anything and instead we would just expect him to give us everything when we want it.

Ya know i quit my job a few years ago because i was in a hellhole, ghetto co-workers breathing down my neck and having arrogant and ignorant customers to feed. I wanted out. So i went on a job hunt, i wasted money, time, energy and sweat going around town trying to find something. Just when i thought i found the job that looked like it would match me and my personality, i called for an update and the manager said i didnít meet the requirements. I actually had a dream that I didnít get the job. after that, I threw the phone on the floor and cried. I was sick and tired of putting effort into something that obviously didnít matter in the end. A few months later, i gave it another try, i tried applying at a gas station because they had a big hiring sign in the drive way. I kept the application at home for a few days but then somehow it got under my chair and i rolled over it and tore a hole through it. so I went back at least three times to see if they had anymore applications but they needed to run more copies. So i went back home without an application and turns out that that same gas station was robbed and i think someone was shot. so i lost interest. a few months later i get a Spiritual text message, saying that God is arranging things at that very second, and SHORTLY, before i knew it, i was hired as a receptionist, getting paid 12 bucks an hour, sitting down, doing the easiest job in the world with co-workers who are nice as angels. Before i got this job i went through an entire year without a job, all i could do was pray and wait and eventually i got one, but not just any job, a GREAT job. An ya know what? God was watching out for me, if he were to let me have any job, especially at a fast pace, i probably would have been the one to get shot at that gas station or i would have missed out on a great opportunity such as this. I got another text spiritual text message that said the same but in different words and my mother was moved to the position that she desired the most because she was miserable at where she was. The position was actually open, but they wanted her to do both her normal position and the other and she couldnít handle that. so she prayed and waited and eventually someone changed their mind and let her move. she is very relaxed now. it took her about a year or two to get into this position.

As of Last August, they laid me off due to low census. I've been in and out of depression, i have whined, threw fits and begged God to give me another but now its January and still nothing. I just have to learn to wait and trust him again. Iím sure he doesnít want to do things for me if Iím acting like a brat, right? Sometimes prayers may seem like they arenít being answered, but you have to let God take control, otherwise, things will just be very difficult. he made a promise and said that he will never abandon you. its usually us that abandons him all the time. I've let go of the job hunt for now and just letting him take care of it because I have done all i can.


By anonymous at 23,Jan,10 23:07

The best thing to do is heed warnings and not get side tracked with making mistakes due to desperation or out of lack of faith. stay firm in your principles. God has a fail switch there's something that usually happens to keep you safe when you need it most but it is last second shit. Its like a really dramatic movie. Theres always a build up.

By peter at 24,Jan,10 15:29

Thanks,fellow brothers in Christ.I think it right that I should wait for God to do things cause as you said I have done everything I can do ,the rest is up to God.I must say though God has me totaly perplexed.I have no idea what he is doing and to be honest I wonder if he knows what he is doing.

By peter at 24,Jan,10 15:33

I think it is good not to panic and let God do the saving like the Isrealites did before the red sea with the Egyptians behind them.God kept them safe,so he keeps us safe also.

By anonymous at 25,Jan,10 04:31

God gave u the free will , that means he let u free...
u cant sit down and wait for Him to do something... the destiny is in your hands... God will do nothing if u just sitting and waiting for a moracle... Go out find something to fight for... u say u re a looser... Dont be amymore... its never too late... but Dont say ita all Gods fault becouse u screwd your life...
Go out and never give up....

By anonymous at 25,Jan,10 10:38

dont think of urself as a loser thats something u shouldnt do. i think my life sucks sometimes too but life is gonna get worse before it gets better thats a fact and ive been through it soo manyy times. as long as u have someone to stay by ur side thru it all someone that u can trust and believe in you will be alright. noone will ever think of u as someone if u dont think soo ur self. i know its hard but u will get through it. i promise you.. AND DONT EVER THINK YOUR A LOSER YOUR SO MUCH BETTER THANN THATT (: perk upp!

By peter at 25,Jan,10 10:44

Do you really think you can do this life by yourself? Do you think all we have to do is buck up and stick our chins up and it's all gona be ok?What about the people who are on their death bed?What about people who have been stricken with deseases all not their fault?What about the people in Haitie?The (don't worry be happy) syndrom just don't work here,sorry.I think it would be wise for us to sit in ashes and wait for God to save us as Job did.

By anonymous at 26,Jan,10 16:38

I know how you feel. Put simply spirituality isn't gonna help you one tiny shitty little bit until you help yourself. It can give you more confidence once you start but until then you're fucked. Sometimes you'll try and fuck your life up even more but if you stop trying it's gonna get shitter and shitter. Try harder. It sounds fucking stupid but if you don't try to change your life what the fuck point is there in you being alive. Some people have it easy in life and some of us got screwed over. Might as well try and change it cos you've got nothing else to do. God won't help if you can't help yourself. I must sound like a right grumpy sod. But I am in fact a recently converted Christian and know I shouldn't really be using all this crap language but it's true life sucks for some. I met knew people, I made friends, not many admittedly, i'll never be a socialite, but I made my life just about worth it and I found a trust in God. You might as well give it a go.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 15:13

Stop being a dill weed and make the right decisions and life will change.
Keep being a bung hole and you get you will always get bung hole results.

By anonymous at 05,Feb,10 08:08

well one thing for sure, you're on the right track to trust in God.

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