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Posted by JR at May 27, 2011
Tags: 2011 May  Money  Unemployment

Let me start off with Bio 34 college grad worked as assistant manager at bank. During banking crisis left industry(was about to get another promotion)becuase I thought our bank was going to be one of those that got shutdown/consolidated.

Went to a recession proof job as meat market manager in grocery store. Left becuase wanted to get back into banking.

In the mean time loaned sister 20k to buy home husband cop. Loaned other family members 16k. Parents ill move into home.

Moved back to hometown.

Now the fun.

Interview #1 after trying for 6 months and using temp agency and other hook ups. Police County pass physical pass written. Take poly he says i failed never did anything bad in my life. Drug question made me nervous i smoked pot 2/3 times in college. he says that he thinks i was trained to beat lie detector because i was trying to control my heart rate which i was trying to controll heart rate b/c i was nervous mom budhist so maybe better than others at it. wtf. and my friends state trooper and he thinks he showed me. He knows him and is not on the best of terms with him.

Interview #2 enterprise rent a car....i know i am desperate at this point. pass all interviews drive out of state they say they love me and want me. background check ....i have 3 tickets in 3 years total of x pts ...i ran a stop sign on military base but really did not but instead of fighting it becuase it was halfway across the US i paid. If one of the tickets was just 3 months older he says i would have been again are you shitting me.

credit cards call i had great credit and had high credit lines 20k and more...they call not past do or anything they were actually soliciting for another business card I devulge I am looking for a job. they cut my credit line to the balance i had and closed business accounts which starts a snowball effect. I was going to use this for the hard times which i forsaw....again fuck me hard see what u get for being honest

Interview #3 bank i was psyched for this one. in hometown. gr8 pay and bene's. i think i kill interviews make it to the background. Issue passed due account
4 accounts 35k. (at this pt i ran thru my savings) total of past due amount 1600.oo no charge offs no collections. I am denied position. Here is the catch 22 if i had the job 1 pay check clears all that past due amount. I have never missed a pmt till now.

OUTCOME home is going to be past due, no job, live with sister, no life, I am the houseslave clean poop,feed animals(live on a beautiful farm).


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New Comment

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 00:16

Sounds like you created a lot of these crisis yourself through careless actions. Also I don't believe the part about the lie detector test. Employers are not allowed to administer lie detector tests to prospective employees during the hiring process.
By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 06:30

It was for a police officer position, dumbfuck. Standard protocol.
By anonymous at 15,Jun,11 08:52

I don't know what county you're in, but lie detectors assist or coinside with your written history questioner. Usually your psych eval is suppose to conclude if your eliagable. May wanna check up on regulations again, sounds like a lawsuit for discrimination.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 07:14

If you lent your family members $36k, you should have had at least $150k in cash savings. Sounds like you were going around acting rich and trying to impress others when you really weren't in a position to do so. This is a tough financial lesson for you. You sound intelligent, I'm sure you'll get back on your feet and when you do you won't make the same mistakes again.

By anonymous at 11,Jun,11 18:46

Don't be hard on yourself. But learn a lesson from your mistakes. It may take a long time to get back on your feet financially. I'm going through that myself. My son was disappointed when I told him we are not getting restaurant food....I'm cooking chicken at home. I'm changing my spending habits. About the job situation....keep trying. Though I complain about working 60 hrs a week to meet my bills, I'm thankful to have a job. It doesn't pay what I'm worth, and that is why I work so much. I may ask others what to say when I get remarks of pity for working so much. I'm not to be pitied or told to find a man to take care of me. I want to. Be happy about making it on my own. But this is about you, and I wish you the best. You will be fine because you sound like a hard worker and educated. Take care.

By suba suba at 07,Nov,19 15:05

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