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I am truly screwed.

Posted by Catherine at May 30, 2011
Tags: 2011 May  Money  Relationship

My life is shit because I have dug myself so many holes and I can no longer get myself out of them.
I am cheating on my boyfriend with a girl, he doesn't know, he's in the navy and away for 2 months, he is the nicest person I know and he gives me everything I want, he doesn't deserve this but I just can't stop. I am a horrible person.
I have failed another year at school because I was too lazy too care. It cost alot for me to go there for that one year and I have failed, my parents don't know.
I spent all of my student loan and got an overdraft to cover it, when my next student loan came in and paid it all off I spent all of that too. Thus being over a grand in debt to the bank again.
I owe o2 over 400 and have no way to pay them back, they are going to pursue legal action against me. I am only 19 and I can't deal with all of this. I am too scared to even asnwer my phone anymore when I don't recognise the number. My parents know about none of this and I can't tell them or I will also find myself homeless.
Life is shit and it isn't going to get any better.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 19,Jun,11 07:41

Why don't you and your female love both get it on with your boyfriends when he gets back on liberty call. Most men dream of threesomes with two women at once.

I would fess up about the debt to your parents. They can probably help you out and give you some advice on what to do. The great thing about taking parent's advice is that even if it doesn't work out, they feel guilty and help you out later again, plus there is no shame during family outings.

By anonymous at 19,Jun,11 07:47

Stop eating pussy long enough to study, pass your classes, get a job and pay off your debts.

By anonymous at 20,Jun,11 20:06

Leave the dude alone to stick with eating pussy. Bitches cheating on men with a woman is sick. Lying cheating fuckin slut pussy loving cunt fuck you bitch!

By anonymous at 21,Jun,11 22:36

Dont pay attention to the retards above!!! It doesn't matter who your sleeping with. What does matter is your school!!! Get yourself a job and start paying off your debts. Have a budget for yourself and don't spend a penny more. Go to school and ask for a loan or grant. You have to get a degree or you'll always be in debt and stuck with a shitty job. Don't spend so much time and effort on relationships and focus on your financial situation.

By anonymous at 22,Jun,11 20:58

at some point you are going to have to face the music. waiting for the other shoe to drop is not a comfortable place to be. but the sooner it drops the sooner you can deal with it. it won't be over quick. but sometimes that's how it is.

By anonymous at 23,Jun,11 15:54

Every day is a good day

By anonymous at 24,Jun,11 14:51

awe thats not right girl dont be self fish.How can u do that?! man that sucks for him.:/

By anonymous at 25,Jun,11 17:10

Don't worry about the debt. Answer the phone and refuse to answer their security questions before telling them to fuck off. If someone comes to your door, DO NOT let them in, instead tell them to fuck off. Financial problem solved and its only 400 ffs. Love life. Navy guys suck rods while you suck pussy. Who cares. College is what matters.

By at 03,Jul,11 18:26

All your problems would be solved if only you had pride. If you had pride you would have left your boyfriend. If you had pride you would have never failed. If you had pride you would have had a job.

No matter what people say pride is more important then they want to belive

By at 24,Jul,11 01:24

It's much eaesir to understand when you put it that way!

By anonymous at 11,Nov,11 23:23

You seem truly screwed. However, you dug your own holes and your going to have to dig yourself out. First you need to fess up to your boyfriend. That's just wrong and selfish, I also suggest not seeing either one. Your obviously too immature for a relationship. Also, your too immature to do this college thing alone. Its time to talk to your parents and be honest. Hopefully you will be scolded! Get a part-time job to help pay off the debt and live at home so you have some guidance while you further your education. Your not a horrible person but you are a selfish spoiled-brat who needs to wake the fuck up now before your holes get deeper and greater in number. You have no right to cheat on your boyfriend or spend your parents money a way they would disaprove.

By anonymous at 05,Dec,11 11:06

you're a selfish bitch. to cheat on a man that provides your freedom is disgusting. do the man a favor and tell him. when he breaks up with you, realize that you don't deserve him.

stop being irresponsible and go to school. i work a full time job, am on call and still take classes. it's called having priorities.

your parents should beat your ass and cut you off financially.

you need to grow up, get some morals, get a job and make sacrifices like the rest of society instead of whining about your immature, irresponsible, selfish lifestyle on the internet.

By best link build at 15,Oct,13 11:51

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