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my job was everything

Posted by losingmyself at May 31, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Job  2011 May

After so many setbacks, I finally found the perfect job. Everything was perfect. The job title was impressive considering my work experience and skills were not up to scratch. This job was a blessing, a miracle, a stepping stone. I was aware the business was struggling but was in denial and just hoped things will be okay . Last week, my boss finally decided we cannot continue any longer. Im just shattered. I told my Mom. She almost started crying. I dont know what to do. I hate being in survival mode again. Its so hard for a person like me to pick myself up again. This job was the only thing I had. I hate feeling like this. Im so upset. All I do is cry. I feel like vomiting. Im back on square 1. I dont even have friends. I dont go to parties like the average 21 year old. I dont have any "leads". I have to start all over again and that includes getting my confidence back. Im so sick of getting rejected. Im at the prime of my life and I hate wasting my youth away. People say its so easy, just keep applying for another job, join the tennis club....Its not its really not, I just cant emotionally detach myself. I have been trying and I just got another rejection. I just lost it.


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By anonymous at 24,Jun,11 02:28

For god's sake... you are only 21. You can start over like 10 times yet and succeed. Some bad news for you - very probable that you will to have to start over at least couple of times in your life and this will happen when you are older, more tired and more used to your old occupation.

So get a grip on yourself, stop whining and get another job.

By anonymous at 27,Jun,11 16:04

boohoo, call me back when you need a liver transplant and you get raped, stupid fuck

By anonymous at 30,Jun,11 01:17

21, huh? It's all good. U will pull threw. If I was your age I would be happy. I have my parents and 6 siblings to take care of off of 30 g's a year. I'm 31 this year with no gf but im good looking lol. My point is life can be worst, you might have mines.

By anonymous at 24,Aug,11 06:49

Its me. Anyway to the asshole who commented about liver damage and being raped. You don't me or my situation. Im sorry if my story sounded so typical. But do you think Im going to type up my whole life story? I did experience something similar to what you mentioned when I was young. Anyway fuck you. Bhoo hoo hoo. At least you had access to internet. Millions of children didnt have access to water when you typed this. Shame on you. Im trying to make a point. I know a lot of people who have an easy life and complain about the small things. At least I can contain myself and not be a dick about it. Im sorry for what you have been through and I see where you are coming but wow what a way to judge someone . The media is saturated with shallow crap, girls complaining about their boyfriends do you get worked up over that too?

By anonymous at 24,Aug,11 07:28

If you knew me and my life story, boy you would feel like the stupid fuck.

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