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I've always hated life

Posted by Cripple at January 25, 2010
Tags: Health  January 2010  Job  Money  Relationship

-I'm 33.

-I'm a paraplegic.

-I'm married, but haven't been intimate with my wife in over a year. Our first sex as a married couple was while she was heavily inebriated, and wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

-I just found out that I need surgery again for the 10th time in my life.
-I haven't slept in over 24 hours.

-My body is failing.

-I am stuck in a dead-end job, because I can't afford further schooling, because I am stuck in a dead-end job, because I can't afford further schooling, etc...

-My house is falling apart.

-I've all but lost every bit of religious/spiritual faith, as well as faith in the rest of the human race.

Life SUCKS!!!!


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By anonymous at 25,Jan,10 21:58

Why be married to someone who wont have sex with you? Better to be alone!! She wont make your body feel any more healthy. Look into a spiritual philosophy such as Buddhism. Theres no God in Buddhism, or you can try Wicca. Find something that at least gives your soul strength and one thing thats positive is that you can still work, even though your job sucks.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 02:58

I feel for you man. people are a bunch of fucking ASSHOLES! And please dont lose your faith, God loves you and your better than them! I beleive what goes around comes around and everyone, you, me, them, will get whats really coming to them.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 15:05

Ever considered the Hemlock Society. They could help you.
And I don't buy your bullshit for a moment.
Anyone can post a boo-hoo story on a website. Every nation on earth helps parapalegics, even the USA.
If you are -ahem- real. Contact Habitat for Humanity, they will help with your house.
Also drop your cu*t wife, again if you are real.
Can crips like you get it up? My uncle who is parapalegic from the Vietnam War can't. He admits it. Which aroused by BS meter on you.
By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 20:37

If you don't believe half the things you read on here, what's the point in coming on here and posting bullshit on here and making people feel worse than they already are in the first place? i don't get it.

I'm sure you are a human being and you've felt depressed or at least felt like hope was drained away and i'm sure you wished someone could have come into your life and give you some kind words that may make a difference.

I've seen alot of cold-hearted posts almost on every thread so far TODAY and if its you, it only says alot about your poor character. In reality, it sucks to be YOU.
By anonymous at 01,Feb,10 11:44

No I am quite happy. You are the ones whining. I am entitled to my opinion, you know what's it called the First Amendment.
So because I don't coddle those who made dip shit choices you call me cold-hearted, ever heard of tough love Capt. Whines Alot?
When we make bad decisions we get bad results. Remember Math class, "If you start the formula wrong you end wrong."
Get the point now. People need to take responsibility and stop blaming others. Of course we all get depressed, then the normal find something to make them happy.
Pussies sit and whine and make no effort toward change.
Get the point now Gen. Dip Shit?
By anonymous at 01,Feb,10 13:09

what you write is NOT tough love, they are insults. yes we have opinions, but there are ways of saying it. AND the way you say it makes you look like you don't care how you approach people.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 12:40

Shall I hand you kleenex for my methods since they offend you? Or shall I just say "Ta ta"
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 22:19

You are cleary a waste of time. Go ahead about your sorry advice becuase cleary you SUCK at it. and i can only pray that these people don't take you seriously becuase they shouldnt.

By anonymous at 24,Jun,10 00:12

i'm sure your wife is getting dick from a healthy man. she doesn't want or need u anymore.

By at 12,Jun,11 16:05

DidnÂ’t know the forum rules allowed such brillinat posts.

By Steve at 30,Aug,11 11:17

Being in a wheelchair just plain sucks period. Good luck.

By anonymous at 19,Nov,12 17:35

i never ever really been happy. i worked my whole life and i have nothing. i never have enough money to pay bills or even eat. i hope the world ends soon. i tryed positive thinking. i tried religion. but life stays the same i wish i could have peace of mind.

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