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Posted by anonymous at June 5, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Meaninglessness

For those who read this please do comment..I need help.
There will be many who might think that this is "not really that bad" but for me my life really sucks.I am 19.I am doing BA.I have named the problem that I am facing now as nothingness..This is real serious problem for me.I have got all the basic needs satisfied.I get first class in my studies..but I always feel something missing.I dont have interest in anything...anything..I dont hav a gf.I dont think I really miss one.My future is completely ambitions.I feel i am moody and depressed at times.I have got few friends.I am average at every thing.I never get appreciations for anything I do.I never get noticed anywhere.Nobody ignores me and at the same time I am ignored...I dont know what I want in my life.So I never had the passion to work hard or go for something.I feel my life is slipping away from me..HELP....!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,Jul,11 09:28

Join the military. Life & death situations will open your eyes to all the crazyiness in the world. You will have many stories and experiences to tell about. I had no ambitions when I was 18 and I joined the Air Force. Spend over 7 years in it. Now I have a cushy Federal job.

By at 03,Jul,11 12:32

Ask not what life can do for you, but what you can do for life. You are drowning in self-pity. We all do at times. Life sucks. That's the reason you are transcend yourself. Hang in there amigo. Life is mainly in the mind. You do your part and the gloom will clear. Karma is inescapable.

By at 03,Jul,11 14:35

Are you me? Look about for things you havent done. Always try your best to exceed. Maybe if all else fails, join the army. You'll feel like you have earned something and you will be known. Search Tobuscus on youtube? weeeeeew. peace off.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,11 01:00

If nothing is wrong and you are are feeling this way you are probably depressed. Get some counselling to begin with
By anonymous at 09,Jul,11 01:36

I think your right. He probably has some form of a mood disorder. I also think he has a lot of what I go through. The meaninglessness of live. Feeling empty almost all the time. Problems with feeling and showing emotions. Problems having and keeping relationships- even wanting relationships. I can feel completely alone and lonely even with friends. Turn out I sought help by both a psychiatrist (MD- can prescibe meds) and a psychologist (specifically one who specializes in DBT both in a group and individual fashion.) I've been diagnosed with depression which is treated with meds and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) which DBT therapy is the only known treatment that works. The BPD accounts for the meaninglessness and empty feelings, problems with emotions an relationships. Feeling alone and lonely. ETC. BPD also has several other symptoms which are much more severe including wanting to die, trying to kill or hurt yourself to relieve the feelings of emptiness, meaninglessness, and other emotional pain. Please seek help now; before it gets worse. Going into the army, picking up a new hobby or activity sounds simple; unless you have a mmod disorder like depression and/or BPD then there can be nearly impossible. It can be difficult enough to get out of bed. Yes life sucks, and others' lives may suck less or more, but don't take advice from someone who doesn't understand the seriousness of what you feel. PLEASE seek help NOW

By at 04,Jul,11 02:53

If your main flaw is that feeling of no ambition then you go out to find one man. You gotta test new things out and see what you think about it. Things like maybe playing a musical instrument or becoming a soldier, the possibilities are endless. I know that there's something out there that sparks your interest at least even a little bit. Grab it and expand on it. If it's something negative though, move on and find something else that you can strive upon that is POSITIVE

By anonymous at 09,Jul,11 01:39

PLEASE read REPLY from 4 July 2011 01:00
The reply is dated 9 July 2011

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 06:27

Go see a doctor. You might suffer from a condition that makes you feel this way. Your head is part of your physical body and your thoughts and feelings can be modified by physical conditions that are usually treatable.

That would be my first advice, before doing anything else.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 08:10

Your 19 and life ahead feels.daunting right now!!! But I can tell you if you write a list of all your woes, then 1 by 1 seal with them... You will be fine and things will take a turn! I've been there and truely think your just suffering from an overload! Good luck :-)

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 01:03

I know what ur going through. ive been there. God is the answer! people who don't know God have all kinds of crazy views on religion. God is not a religion. haveing a relationship with God speaking to Him through prayer and reading the bible and talking with others who believe. if u have trouble believeing just ask God yourself about who he is and what he has for your life. he will answer u maybe not with an audible voice but throgh reading the bible, something u hear on tv or radio, or some person known or stranger. God speaks to us in many ways and will help us when we ask.

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