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You tell me?

Posted by Suckhead at June 7, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Relationship

My life sucks because...I'm 36 years old and set tile for a living. I wake early, spend my days on my knees, surround myself with nasty chemicals and caustic materials, and managed to cut, bruise, and bleed myself on a daily basis. I work extremely hard and don't even pull in enough money to get by. I'm engaged and have an 8 week old daughter. This is the only good part. However, my fiance bitches that I don't do enough. My time at work, paying ALL of the bills, maintaining our just not enough. She stays home all day, watches 8 hours of TV, bleeds electricity, consumes 80 gallons of water daily, eats all of our food, and still manages to let me know I don't do enough. I haven't done anything for myself in months. I can't excersize because I come home beat down from work. I can't chill out because I have a baby to tend to. I can't get ahead in life because my income is crap. I don't get nearly enough sex. And if there were any sex in this relationship, I must initiate it. This is my life. Now I must leave to go set tile and sweat my ass off.


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By anonymous at 02,Jul,11 08:04

You are in a nasty catch 22. If it wasn't for the daughter, you should ditch your bitch of a fiance. That would be bad for the kid, however. You have to still stand up for yourself and if things are like you said and she does nothing, then you need to call her out on it. You can't really be able to raise a family solely on a tile layer's salary. Tell that bitch to go to community college or something and look for a job to help suppliment your income.

By anonymous at 02,Jul,11 12:12

youtube poop

By anonymous at 02,Jul,11 14:49

I'm a woman who would see how hard you work and would give you all the sex you want. I would initiate the sex as well. What's wrong with her? Some women are lazy and don't deserve men like you.

By anonymous at 03,Jul,11 03:02


By anonymous at 03,Jul,11 05:24

poor sap

By anonymous at 03,Jul,11 11:42

I would say to make it her choice. Let her know that either she treats you better or you leave. Worry about the details after you leave. If you are not willing to leave her, then she must be doing something for you that you're not admitting. Maybe she's the only type of person you are willing to earn. That community college option applies to you too. There are typically support systems for those who really want to improve their lives.

By at 03,Jul,11 18:05

Your life will always suck till you realise a few things. Firstly you have a daughter so your happiness no longer exists all that matters is her you need to give her all that you can so she does not end up like your sorry ass. Secondly pride should come before everything because without it you will have no purpose. Thirdly stop complaining about how much you need money because at the end of the day we all need money.

Lastly You must learn to live without feelings because they are nothing but useless tools that make you weak and only after you have done all this will you be in control. And it may seem like these things make you a cold bastard but it is what is needed if you want a life worth something.

By at 04,Jul,11 02:42

I disagree highly feelings are what make us human. We aint mechanical beings , plus how would you think your life is worthwhile when you don't have any feelings? Cause isn't that what happiness or content is? A worthwhile life? And last time i checked those are both feelings. This guy ain't a sorry ass he's going through hell and back to raise his kid. A sorry ass wouldn't be working his ass off and dealing with a bitch so that he can feed his daughter, instead he would be eating ice cream in a corner doing nothing. So suckhead here's my twocents tell that bitch of a wife to get her shit together and get a job or something before you can do something cause your time right now is consumed. Your wife needs to do something instead of watching PBS at home, and if she refuses to get her the fuck outta your life and find someone who will actually be a mother and wife. SHE sounds like the CRUX of your problems right now amigo and until she changes your gonna be chained down to that leech.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,11 02:45

Maybe sex isn't happening because your fiance had a baby a couple of months ago, and maybe she's going through shit, too. Maybe she is not happy. Talk to her. Don't just resent her and not communicate; if that continues, I promise your relationship will end badly instead of just end. Even if it does end, it happens all the time. Just keep it together until your baby is a little older, then make a decision. At least you have a job. I can't find one, and I have been to graduate school (I'm 37). And you have a skill... I'm sorry for your pain, but honestly, things will be alright.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,11 14:07

I have a novel idea. I saw a guy go through the same shit. now this might sound too hard or too cruel. IF you really are so busy, then it sounds like you dont have a lack of business traffic and you are always getting contracts. IF you are self employed, get somebody who will work for a lower income for you and START DELEGATING, do it enough and you will eventually have 5 or 6 guys laying tiles. this will double your income at least. there are only so many tiles you can lay in one day man.. then get your wife out or IN but if she is in shes has GOT to get off her fat cushions!

By anonymous at 05,Jul,11 00:13

Get out of that relationship and find a new job! He lazy and never will work!

By anonymous at 05,Jul,11 21:54

Unfortunately you picked the wrong partner. Before you impregnated her you should have made sure she was the type of partner you wanted. Precisley why I'm single.

By anonymous at 09,Jul,11 15:33

man leave her

By Luckie at 15,May,17 01:20

You've captured this peycfetlr. Thanks for taking the time!

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