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Need that Keesh$

Posted by anonymous at June 13, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Money

Well how can I start off how money serve's such a huge purpose in our meaningless rat race life; to begin with I'm 22 years old deseperately wanting to go to college, but wait one moment...My Parents are defeinitely well off, but some how manage never to be able to pay for my tuition or books....I get the same excuses we're hurting on money...please keep that statement in your mind, for I will refrence back to it later.

I work a part-time job that fluxuates in hours so sometimes I'll get close to 40 and then some times it will drop down to 25 hours...I'm about a month close to 2 months behind on my rent, my girlfriend hardly gets any hours at her retail job, so its pretty hard. Finally I go out sucked up my pride and went ahead and got food stamps, I received them I get 145$ per month now, freaking amazing...I was starving for quite sometime, that made my life better until the day after I got my food stamps...oh boy the electricity bill totally forgot about that in my mind, well here comes 1pm ooops! The power gets shut off, I figured it was for the rolling blackouts in New Mexico since Arizona is on fire and shit...but nope I open my door found a notice from El Paso Electric....trying to get that resolved today, running on my lap top battery juice whats left of it...before I'm completely sitting with nothing to do in my meaningless rat race life.

On top of that, I drive a 93 lexus which drains every freaking new battery you get, because the on board computer decides that it needs more juice than it needs be; This is where my Parentals roll in, I was next in line to get a vehicle...I was hoping to get a 9,000$ truck nothing expensive just to get rid of that crappy car, parents tell me once again low on cash...well thanks Mother! I hope you are really enjoying that 08 custom Deluxe harley Davidson you got for Mothers Day last month! Yes...I was screwed over again by my Parents you see...I was supposed to get a car about 2 years ago...well no my Parents decided it would be cool to get a 2010 Toyota Tundra LIMITED EDITION mind you...which was 50,000 Parents turn around this year and tell me we can't afford a new vehicle for you son...but wait! Oh your grandpa found a very nice 03 Chevy Monte Carlo! ROLF! Wow?! Wow!? I ask for a cheap truck, and I get bushwhacked saying they once again have no money, but yet turn around buy a 08 Harley Davidson off the lot, which had to of been atleast 12,000 Grand.....

I dropped out of school because I was promised by my father he would get me a new vehicle, because he thought it would be better spent with the money...nope I dropped my education for a fibbed lie...I cannot receive finiacial aide because my parents make way too much, but I don't see any of it.

Money is just too much sometimes...I'm going to pick up a second job soon...oh lets add a bit more sugar to the top, My Parents still provide my sister more help than I ever receive and shes 4 years older than me, I get the excuse "Well your sisters a girl, and she lives closer to home" OK I LIVE ONLY 3 HOURS AWAY!

Man...sometimes I just feel like dropping a toaster in a bath tub and end it...god money sucks so much balls...I know I'm not no cripple, or some hobo on the streets, but considering how my parents do not provide for me with the amount of income they get its just sad, I feel lost and casted outside of my own family, they all have such nice things, my sister has two effing vehicles, a Nissan and a GXSR Bike...which my dad happens to be paying for the nice pretty little street bike she never even drives any more....ugh somebody pass me a effing bullet please.


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By Steve at 30,Aug,11 11:22

Start fending for yourself and quit counting other peoples money. Spoiled brat is what you are and your parents are giving you hints to take responsibility for yourself.

By link building team at 15,Oct,13 18:44

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