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my famikys slave

Posted by Kathy at June 17, 2011
Tags: Childhood  Family  2011 June  Meaninglessness

I was sexualy abused by my stepfather when I was 7 my mother was and is still a very bad drunk who chose him over me. So I was raised by my grandparents who never let me leave the house outside of going to school, I was theyre personal slave doing everything for them cooking cleaning laundry grocery shopping you name it. Ive never met my real father and havw been beaten my whole childhood. I left home when I turned 18 settled down ans had two children with an unloving and very unemotiinal man I live a boring life I never do anything.besides cooking cleaning and taking care of my children. Im still taking care of my grandparents bwcauae no oneelae in my family will help. My whole family uses me for anything and everything they can and they treat me like crap. Im so tired sometimes I wonder if I can keep going like this.. The only thing that keeps me from killing myself is my tqo children who I love with my entire heart. I hope things change!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Jul,11 10:10

You should start doing things for yourself, even if they're only little things. For instance, join a group or engage in an activity just for yourself. An example would be a wine tasting group that takes occassional trips to vineyards, which would give you time away from your family. If you husband or children question it let them know that you need some time for yourself. Who cares what they think. My mom disappears a couple times a year and travels, that's her thing and it keeps her sane. I don't know why we expect happiness; I really think the most people can do is expect to live stable lives and take few pleasures where you can.

By Thomas at 15,Jul,11 23:38

My used me for al the time so i disapaered for days a t a time and thye do question me but I told I my own lifew to live and I live my as I please. My said her house her rules I left and now I live a motel. do not have the cash for a hosue my does have a complete kitchen witha stove dishwasher and a fulkl size refrigerator and cable TV. It ma hve some roaches but They called the exterminator and that took care of that. I wish they do something about the spiders, This is not about me this about cut all ties with your family and move on and live your life for and your children.

By Imre Kuti at 16,Jul,11 12:06

Hi :) Things won't change unless you change them! To change them you need strength and time. Let the source of youre strength be your children. Keep moving, and get to know new ppl, you don't need a lot of money to do that, Visit a library regularly, you meet nice ppl there, it's a good place to start. Join a group as someone said before me. I'm absolutely sure that one day you will find someone who will love you for who you are. You are a wonderful girl, because you love your children so much! That is the most wonderfull thing in the world. :) Heads up! Keep moving, Leave your past behind and start a new life, (in your head first). Thats where all things begin.

I wish you a very long, happy and successful life!
With much love Imre from Hungary.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,11 20:01

Find your real father.

By anonymous at 04,Aug,11 15:32

love it

By Buy oem Software at 12,Feb,12 15:03

hkfurx Thanks for all the answers:) In fact, learned a lot of new information. Dut I just didn`t figure out what is what till the end!...

By anonymous at 24,Oct,12 17:45

What it really sounds like is you feel unappreciated and are overworked. Unload some of your burden. Move away from your grandparents. I wouldn't go so far as to say it isn't your place to take care of them... because that is what families do.... but a person can do only so much for the ungrateful and then you must think about setting priorities such as your kids... They are TRUELY dependant on you whereas your grandparents could make due without you if you made it necessary. Hope it helps.

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