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Posted by anonymous at June 17, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Loneliness

So, I have worked so hard my whole life to have a career---lot's of education, lot's of jobs to pay for school, worked hard at my career, and I find myself in a good stable place career-wise, but totally alone.

I am grateful for all the good things in life, but man, it sucks to have no one to share life with, and it makes no sense to work so hard for decades to end up alone. There are times I like solitude, but many times I wish I had even a best friend. I have had best friends/groups of friends in the past, and I have been in long term relationships, but for some reason I feel like a guy on an island.

I live in a big city, I love where I live. I find that most people that I meet are lacking in character, or are unkind to others, and those who seem really nice at first are frauds...they have some agenda, mostly to use others who are more stable.

What I would love is even a good friend, someone who has no agenda, but loves the things I love and wants to be in a relationship where we laugh, travel, support each other, do holidays/birthdays together, etc.

Does anyone have some advice?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Jul,11 09:58

Where do you live... I'm available.
By at 14,Jul,11 12:19

yes, where do you live? Im in Texas available. not a user

By anonymous at 14,Jul,11 21:49

i know that feeling. though am only 20 i have been through a lot.When i had to come here in Canada i somehow knew i am leaving all my happiness behind but i am staying here for my education and a better life.I like it here. But sometimes loneliness becomes too hard to handle.

By anonymous at 16,Jul,11 22:13

I feel the same, exactly the same as you had said. Hope you can get pass this soonest. I know that it won't be forever that this lonliness will be gone as I know it will come visiting you regularly and when it comes, just think that it will be temporary and then it will be gone. This is the way I deal with it. Life is just like that. Take care.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,11 02:19

What kind of activities do you like? Psychology says if you are around people that are Similar to you, it becomes easier to form friendships and relationships. Be around people that do the things you love constantly and you can find companionship. If you are looking for a man, go to the places where the kinds of men you like go. Science says that we form relationships with people when we are in close proximity to them. For example 41 percent of people have best friends who live a few doors down in college. When we are near the kind of people we like, it is easier to form friendships and relationships. So do the things you love, and make sure the kinds of people you like are around you and you can find a companion.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,11 09:37

As new technology advances, more human beings become "the only man on an island". We've traded our people desire/need with modern conveniences--cell phone, computer, fax machine, etc. It irritates me to see people reading/sending text during a gathering with family and friends, which sadly is happening more and more each day. There are more car/cell/computer than true friend/faithful mate for each and everyone of us.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,11 19:49

I like what you mention and would like to meet. I want the same things but truth be told, most people are few and far between. Most are users like you said, most are married cheating on their spouse, wanting to have their cake and eat it too. As another poster pointed out, most are "friends" with the computer screen. All in all, no one can be trusted. Good luck. I'm available too.

By anonymous at 19,Jul,11 17:02

I have so much in common with the person who posted this! I have worked had all my life and been kind and generous to everyone. I got married at 23 but my husband mentally and emotionally abused me by cheating and lying and putting me down. I moved to work in the middle east so i could put it all behind me but just continued to meet men who treat me poorly. I got married again, moved in with him and his kids, have done everything to be helpful and caring but have yet again been crapped on in so many ways, including him cheating with women on the internet! It all leaves you feeling beat up inside and loneliness just becomes your best friend. I'm 44, from ireland and now living in texas and very very alone.

By anonymous at 22,Jul,11 15:52

I feel the same... I guess that's the only positive thing soomehow, knowing that there are more people who feel the gives hope that maybe, deeper people are more numerous than observed. I live in dubai now, leaving one of the safest, richest and most work-life balances place on earth, in search of meaning.. And I haven't found it, I know though, that it is me who is doing something damn wrong, really damn wrong. I studied and good degrees many back home would envy me for.. I had good jobs, have a good one currently - supposedly, I work on my body every day in the gym to outperform physically, I'm handsome and I have a intense eyes.. People want my friendship or more at times - and I always denied it feeling they weren't interesting enough, couldn't succeed in winning my heart or interest, for relationships or friendships.. As a consequence though I feel very alone at times.. Even though most of the time I'm perfectly fine alone. To work on yourself and not sharing achievements or letting other spend time with you, just makes no sense at all.. What for then? I assume the only way to go is giving others a chance, opening up a bit and going one step towards them even if we don't like.. And hope we will be positively surprised and find interest and meaning in them...

By anonymous at 31,Jul,11 18:03

Gosh do I know how you feel. I'm 30 living alone in the big city. I have a kid who is living his own life. My family is on the otherside of the country with no contact. I have a 6 figure job. Half the people I meet hate me for my success, a third want to use me for sex or money, the rest are intimidated by me. It sucks.
By anonymous at 04,Aug,11 07:36

sounds like a bossy person

By anonymous at 07,Aug,11 23:09

I wonder why it is so hard to find a person like myself. In a world full of zombies you would think there would at least be one person like me. I wish you luck. You'll need it. I know.

By anonymous at 28,Aug,12 14:32

Are you fucking kidding me... Youre fucking complaining about being all alone but you got everything else going good for you, job career, you stupid bitch, you are so selfish.. Youre fucking bragging about your life, that you worked hard.. theres alot of people who work hard even if they dont have the best job or no job. Its you, your the problem. your conceited.. stupid bitch...
By anonymous at 07,Sep,12 10:39

Somebody should remove the latest post.. I guess it was written in a moment of frustration but it's definitely not appropriate at all

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