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y we

Posted by riss at June 20, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Relationship

first off my husband cheated wit a woman he met online said hi wanna have sex and went to her got her pregnant....did i mention i was in the hospital miscarrying twins while he got his off. he beats me so i put him in jail and left. i now live wit my mom and her husband who sexually assaulted me as a child. did i mention i live here wit my three kids. i sleep wit them cuz im afraid he will abuse them too. my mom and him are achoholics and drug addicts who made it clear they dont want any of us here. this is my gmas house she has cancer so i help care for her she doesnt want me to leave. id rather be dead then continue this life. i dont make enough money to get my own place. i dont get child support they do nothing to make them pay. i just wanna crawl in a hole. trying to go back to school too...denied financial aid. how can i make a better life for my kids when i have no opportunities??? AHHHH yelling!


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By anonymous at 18,Jul,11 07:45

Your life is the way it is because of your inability to spell the word "with" and your flagrant disregard for punctuation.

When they got your financial aid form they laughed at your poor language skills and said, "Lol, no hope" and made a pirate hat out of your application.
By anonymous at 18,Jul,11 13:16


By anonymous at 18,Jul,11 14:30

The problem here is poor choices. Choosing to be with a man who abuses you, choosing to have children when you can't afford to, all those poor choices is what's landed you in this position. I don't have children. I'd like to but I'm too poor. I live to hand to mouth and I know it would be wrong to put a child in that situation. I feel the most compassion for your kids, cramped up in one small room. How sad and unfair to them. Try welfare I guess...

By anonymous at 18,Jul,11 22:23

Fuck that shit! Dont be weak, don't be a coward. Go get a better degree and a better job, get the fuck out of that shit hole. Take your kids. Make yourself happy. Drive. Work your ass off and get the fuck out of there. It gets better. Do what makes you happy GO GET YOUR LIFE

By Ikuo at 10,Dec,15 17:10

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