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Posted by W/M at January 31, 2010
Tags: Attitude  January 2010  Racial

I am a white guy in new orleans and constantly get fucked over by the black majority. I cant find a good job because most of the employers are black, racist motherfuckers. Every time I try to eat at McDonalds the cashier will take the black guy behind me in line, and when i get there give me a fuckn attitude and screw up my burger. The cops arrested me for being white in the wrong neighborhood, and i had to fistfight homosexual black guys all night who hated me because im white. The Mayor of my city said last year that New Orleans should be a "chocolate city" from now on. I just cant understand how the race thats dumber than everyone is the one in power!


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By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 10:43

You actually gave us the answer. It's not a secret that black people are often more racists nowadays than white, but your attitude ("dumber race") shows that you are pretty much of a racist too. It's stupid to live in black environment when you are white racist. At least understand this and move to some other place if you cannot overcome your attitude.
By anonymous at 14,Feb,10 16:55

By anonymous at 14,Mar,10 04:34

he starts off his story with a 'im a white guy' i bet he's black

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 15:13

How do you think black people feel, now? maybe america should be named "The dominant Whites".
for the longest time we have been stomped on, spat on, finger-pointed, underestimated and so forth. we even had to fight for our rights and we still are, which is silly. it doesnt feel good at all walking around this country, knowing that we werent considered humans and still arent. And now its funny looking that whites can't even get by in a mostly black populated area.

If you don't like where you stay, then get up and move your butt to a White majority area. I'm not making excuses for them becuase all racists are the abonination of the world in my opinion.

NOw i do agree that black people should be the last people on earth to be racist or be ignorant becuase we have known what it's like to feel that way since day one or feel alienated. In my opinion when we spit into the face of others, we may as well spit in the face of our ancestors, becusae they went through the same thing, so i would say blacks that are racists are probably the biggest hypocrites.

To the person who said that we're more racist, how the hell do you know that? Do you need to pick up a history book to see who's been more racist? We may not be perfect but we ARE a very frustrated race becuase we're constantly putting up with crap everyday. (example, Jena 6 and the recent case where a black man was arrested for going into his own "rich-like" home)

No race is perfect at all and blacks are just the same as whites and we will always be at each others throats.

I would suggest you move to Bossier city or Shreveport where there's more vairety of mixed people.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 13:42

Amen, I suggest he bring his white ass to Japan where we full blood Yamato will watch his every move lest he find one of our women and impregnate them.

We have big bats and right wing groups here to prevent such from happening. We do not want Last fucking samurai here white boys.

Now cracker knows how millions of African-Americans have suffered.

Stop being a racist, your whole post whining about New Orleans was one big racist rant.

Amen to all the others here, if you don't like it move, dumb ass. JUST NOT JAPAN. We has too many cracker boys now.
By anonymous at 11,Feb,10 00:40

By anonymous at 14,Feb,10 16:52 Fold Up


By anonymous at 01,Feb,10 12:41

I lived in a bad neighborhood growing up . We were the only white kids in an apartment full of spicks. They threw rocks at our windows, dragged my baby brother and sister on the ground and beat the living crap out of them. Remember when a white person is a victim of racism hes racist. Yeah join the club. Marry a good white girl, dont let them get a desperate girl. Save one of your own, have a white family. Move out.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 12:59

"spicks" really intelligent choice of words. Perhaps you mean Hispanics, racist cracker. No wonder your siblings got beat if they are racist retards like you - Dur hur hur, hope I connected the dots fer ya.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 21:07

I call them spicks now. I learned to hate them so dur dur dur dirtbag.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 13:33 Fold Up

Name me one white victim of racism outside of Reginald Denny. Post a link to any news article where a white was violently assaulted because of their race, again outside of Reginald Denny.

Baby boy you need to grow up and see reality. Also calling Latin people "spicks" shows your own racism, so lost all credibility.
By anonymous at 02,Feb,10 21:09

Latin isnt even politically correct so really educated sounding yourself.
Not every black person is a nggr but every hispanic is a spick..sorry.
By anonymous at 21,May,10 15:54 Fold Up

Why is it that 99% of rapes are of white women by black guys? Why is this statistic always hidden?
By anonymous at 04,Oct,11 12:56 Fold Up

you can't link stories of whites being victims of racism because no one reports it. whites are victims of racism more than any other race, but you don't hear about it, because we are trying to move on instead of yelling racist everytime it happens.

By anonymous at 11,Feb,10 00:45

Fuck all you nigger monkey fucks if you black peices of shit could learn how to function in society without being criminal,stupid,uneducated,ugly,crack smokin peices of trash maybe people would show some sympathy. And stop saying your victims of slavery you arent 400 years old dumbfucks!
By anonymous at 21,Dec,10 09:47

fkn peckerwood come to me and ill rape your honky ass

By anonymous at 12,Feb,10 01:38

And fuck you, you Japanese Pussy!

By anonymous at 14,Feb,10 00:31

cant we all just get along this is just sad what is being said about all the racist in the world if we all were one color then what would you all have to coment about its just stupped get over it and move on there are outher thinks in life to worry about makeing freinds love life and just being happy with your self and outhers would be nice for a change

By at 06,Mar,10 09:39

Oh, maybe once a year, I'll meet a black person who is well educated, speaks very proper British style English and seems like a normal person. Then I discover that he was born and educated in Nigeria or South Africa instead of some impoverished inner-city American ghetto. So I know that not all black people are stupid, use foul language, steal, rob and rape white women. It is amusing to see a real African meet an African-American. The African tells the African-American that he is an embarrassment to black people everywhere.
By anonymous at 20,May,10 12:14

a "normal person" ???? what is that?
By anonymous at 21,May,10 15:56

Normal refers to a lack of significant deviation from the average.
By anonymous at 16,Feb,11 19:33

the 'average' presumably being white, in which case, the normal, statistical average is very far from white, in fact its oriental, one third of this great green globes population, you fucking white ass honky mother fuckin badly researched cunt!

By anonymous at 15,May,10 16:18

Yeah, am naija aswell n African Americans have spoilt our morals. All they care about now is being seen as tough n gangstars n bet channel isn't doing much to help. There are well educated black men n women in nigerial instead of the dirty jobless black Americans bet potrays.

By anonymous at 20,May,10 12:13

This is really scary. I am white as rice and grew up in a black neighborhood. No one ever treated me too badly. When they did, I understood. More whites are racist than blacks or at least they have done a hell of a lot more damage to black people than vice versa. I hate racists, and especially white ones. The guy who started this is just a hate filled moron who is certainly imagining this stuff or lying. I had a white husband and a black one. I'm divorced from both - they both sucked equally.
By anonymous at 14,Nov,10 00:42

OMG "done a hell of a lot more damage to black people than vice versa" Its the fucking past!! Racism will always exsist but it doesnt help that every black person I have ever been in contact with talk about how badly they get treated and oh how they have suffered. Better yet how things havent changed and there still opressed. I say a big fuck you get over yourself. The chance of me getting a job when there is a black person also taking an interview is slim to none because most employers are worried there gonna get taken to court over racism. In all honesty i grew up as the minority i lived in a black town basically. Just a few white kids and mexicans. We got treated like shit not the other way around. If your gonna call me racist think on this the person i dated the most in school was black and he even felt ashamed to be called black because of his fellow black people. You try going to school when 80 pct of the males are black and want to grab and touch your body fuck that. I understand where that guy comes from who started this. The fact is blacks have rights and have a higher chance of getting a job than me. Also fyi most of my classmates went to jail for theft, assualt, rap, and better yet murder. So really hes imagining this stuff and lying. Lady maybe you should think not to judge the writer of this topic. This type of shit happens all the time.
By anonymous at 16,Feb,11 19:36

racism will always exist is what you have said and so displayed your own attitudes if the flecked meagre linguistic canckre that followed wasnt enough to prove the inherent imbecility of your good good self.

By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 22:12

Oh boo fucking hoo. Maybe now your lil white ass will understand what its been like (and still is), for people of colour
By anonymous at 14,Nov,10 00:43

ROFL dumbass

By anonymous at 15,Sep,10 23:06

MOVE you moron!

By anonymous at 22,Sep,10 01:46

I love getting high off crack and raping white bitches! come catch me bitch
By anonymous at 21,Dec,10 09:48

im the same brother

By anonymous at 02,Nov,10 14:21

dude your so right why are they winning? because white people fear different races> they back down from them pussies if i raqn shi t true americans would run shit not the freeloading motherfuckers who were handed all of our technology on a silver platter

By anonymous at 01,Feb,11 10:58

I live in America, so I can say that America fucks up everything equally, including the different races. I've been shit on numerous times by the "Affirmative Action" bureaucracy in all my attempts for financial aid.
I agree with the fact that there are more supremacists that are Caucasian, but I disagree with the fact that all of the African-Americans are treated worse than the poor Caucasians.
I've worked hard at school and jobs for my entire life and absolutely nothing has come of it because a minority had priority over it. No scholarships, no nothing.
I have loved every ACTUAL AFRICAN I have ever met. They are intelligent.
So, to conclude, I'm not racist, because I don't dislike African-Americans for the color of their skin. I dislike them because I have experienced the inequality through the government's so called "Equality." I'm tired of fighting hard for nothing because of something that is history.
This site is a perfect representation of what African-American's can do. Either change your mindset and change your life, no matter what happened in the past, or sit in your sorrow. I, myself am not even an optimistic person, so I admit that it is a hard thing to do. But, for the love of this fucked up society called the U.S.A, shut the fuck up about how oppressed you are as you ride on the scholarship that I worked for.
Poor Babies. Okay, I'm done now.

By anonymous at 16,Feb,11 19:40

Its very simple. Not black or white or hispanic people get fucked over. But poor people. Rich people, business men, capitalists suck up the salt of your fertile producing womb like a vampire with no teeth no matter what your colour may be. Learn your socialist catechism children. Amen.

By anonymous at 13,Mar,11 15:21

if he lives in new orleans and he's as fucking dumb as he sounds... odds and chances dictate he's black..

i'll bet you any kind of money he's a dumb coon. hahhahaha
i love dumb black people. the make me feel smart and superios.

YOU MOTHER FUCKERS better not be BETTING i'm black


ok i'm black. you got me.

or am i??? the plot thickens

By at 15,Apr,11 21:19

At last, somenoe comes up with the "right" answer!

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