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#^@% up my life

Posted by Shark at June 23, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Relationship

20 years ago I left my soulmate, Because like a jerk, I got a women pregnat at work. So I did what I thought was right. and married the girl from work (she had 2 previous children) and I took them on as my own.
In the 20 yrs she never worked, she quit after our baby was born.(even thou she was supposed too.)
I worked my a@@ off for 18 yrs until I fell and am no longer able to work.
and she dont like to cook, clean, work or even have sex anymore.
My son has joined the service and is gone now.
we dont talk at all anymore, I am going stir crazy. and all I can do is think of the one I let go. (sorry Teri). Hope ur life has been good for you.
I am just sitting here waiting for death because I cant think of any other options. ( and to think that the one I married will get all my assets even thou she contributed nothing). If i go for divorce, I will get screwed, because I was the bread winner.( will have to sell house). so instead of going thru all that....... I will just wait for death. How can I make it come quick and easy.


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By anonymous at 20,Jul,11 08:20

I hope your ex is living a great life and laughing her ass off right now.
By anonymous at 20,Jul,11 19:58

Me 2. Sorry Shark but if she was truly your soulmate then why the F*** was another woman pregnant with your child.

Karma really is a bitch!
By anonymous at 21,Jul,11 04:48

The shark got bit! good.........good.
By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 09:25 Fold Up

i agree
i hope your ex read's this letter
and laughs her ass off

By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 01:37

Hey there!

There is no such thing as a soul mate. Plain and simple!
Love doesn't exist. It's all just lies and manipulation.

However defined, relationships are nothing but useless. Relationships leads to oblivion. Women are especially uncapable of true love, it's all money and shopping and stuff............

I deplore all of these babies you have thru all of your fucked up relationships. At least, I'm not responsible for putting anyone on this planet for you to destroy, rape and steal from you fucking animals.



By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 02:21

Boo Hoo,

You found your "soulmate" and you went behind her back and cheated.......Like a retard cocksucker!

When I was involved, I didn't cheat. But then again I'm the one who got cheated. If it's not one it's the other!
Then again i'm alone now! I've been alone for years!

Women are fuckers!

Relationships are their lie so they can steal time, money,
energy and self-worth.

Kids are an excuse for them to use for siphoning ressources.

There are too much orphans in the world, why do you put children on this planet for you to go on working and let the babysitter and the education system take care of the rest.

I'm glad i don't have any kids. I know what it is to grow up with a bunch of heartless perverts like everyone of you.
I'm glad I'm not responsible for an innocent's pain.

So much hate in the world but no one is responsible!
So lets just keep treating eachother like opportunities.


By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 02:46

Fuck'em and leave'em!

"Respect begets respect" is a lie, it's just a show of weakness.

Women are ignorant, empty, self-absorbed pices of shit.

U.S., Canada, U.K. France or Scandinavia, white people are bigots and their women are worse!

Usually polite to hide it's xenophobic tendencies, the white person will belittle people's differences to feed it's superiority complex. That's done all over the western world.

White people exploited billions to feed the life style of a few million. For centuries! THANX!

People in general are disgusting but white people have the distinction of having invented GENOCIDE. THANX!

The most "efficient" concentration camps, in nazi germany, were ran by for thought. ( I apologise for the example, I hate to write about that sort of stuff )

Congratulate yourselves, white folks, you've successfully destroyed the sanctity of marriage. Relationships are only sexual now. Thanx.

You call yourselves christians....PLEASE!

Another excuse to kill masses of people you don't care about. An excuse to exploit ressources, steal goods that doesn't belong to you.

White people kill......White women enjoy the show!
By anonymous at 01,Aug,11 23:17

I'm guessing you are either very white, or very bigoted. Maybe both?
By anonymous at 02,Aug,11 03:24

i know.....i know.......
truth hurts, "don't it"?
i guess i ruffled the feathers of a FOX viewer!
life is crap!

By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 03:20


i'm french-canadian, my skin is white.

i was born in canada

i was called names, humiliated and ostracized.

i learned to speak white and now i'm tolerated.

thank you so much canada for taking my money. i obviously have too much of it according to your many useless departments.

women in canada are self-intitled, prejudiced, narcissic.
relationships with any of them is useless unless you have money to spare.

you should've heard what my "ex" used to say about international adoption. She'd call them kidnappers!
kids being given a new chance at life.....i don't understand...canadian women suck!

When my mother died (she committed suicide!) she would talk behind my back saying that i blamed her for it. they met twice. i didn't know what to do! i couldn't talk about it! but when i heard the "ex" saying that to her mum....maybe i should of left. but i felt alone. i didn' know what to do. canada has no ressources for suicide prevention. no one understands the pain and they talk behind your back saying hurtful shit. people in canada side with girls because they are perverts and enjoy spreading pain.
work is all i know let me die in peace canada. let me die like you let mom die
destroy your women and blame their children, play with their heads for your enjoyment canada enjoys the pain of others.

By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 03:40

the only time canada speaks of suicide, the girl is attractive enough to make the first page photo spread.

canada doesn't care!

the message in canada is "go ahead, kill yourself!"

it's good training for emergency personel.


By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 04:10

I was involved with a girl in Ottawa (Carlsbad Springs)

She was a total piece of shit.

She asked for support,(manipulative bitch) she talked I listened (for what?). Good actress, I believed....... nothing came out of all this anyways.

Sex with her was a job i had to accomplish. I couldn't have any fun, it's a crime for a canadian male to enjoy the little things in life.

Confiding in her was giving her ammunition for whatever conflicts she conjured up all the time.

My mother died 10 yrs ago but still it hurts, SO LAUGH AT ME CANADA, YOU MIGHT PROVOKE ANOTHER SUICIDE. YEAH!

The funerals? I went alone. Who cares, right marie-eve. Showing any type of support.......naaahhhh, fuck it. FUCK ME I GUESS.

Confide in me Ottawa, I got no baggage! I'm just your cleaner, your bag handler, your dish washer, your garbage picker, your fucking funiture salesman, your delivery man, your fucking loser. THANX CANADA!

"I'll always love you" was a lie she said all the time.
Once a stripper always a stripper! Hope you work the airport for your whole life, bitch.

Thanx for your support during my time of crisis. Lord knows every excuse was good to create stress in your life.
I didn't deserve understanding or even listening 'cause we all know you couldn't use my pain for you benefit. Or did you.

Ottawa women suck, they fucking stink!

Thank you lord, she still has her fat fucking mother around.
Mine's dead. fuck!

Marie-Eve's pussy stinks of CHEEEEEEESE, She is sick and gross fuck her. wasted my life. thanx a lot.

she would dance with with her tampon showing, fucking cunt.

she's lower than dirt and treats people the same. love is a lie>
By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 04:43

I was cured.....I don't believed in the validity of relationships.

Awful pussy stench will do that, i guess.

Hey Marie-Eve, go buy yourself a foot long dildo and leave our wallets alone.

Yeah, look into my baggage, you CATSA slut! You are a life thief. Your infected smell is as good as your heart, decomposed and withered.

typical canadian woman!
By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 05:10

Going to college?

Here take my money, smelly cunt, not only does it provide you with a good excuse to steal my money but also a time slot to meet with your new lover, great. What a dumbass i was, right. i stayed loyal, what a joke right.

i hope he was able to go down on you without puking, you fucking sex nazi. Did you ask him about his wanting to take it up the ass or was i the only one you offered. WOW what an honor.

Crazy cunt with penis envy, that's all you are marie-eve.
go talk to your mom. see if she cares. she's probably doing the same as you : screwing aroun like the low life you all are.

LOVE COSTS MONEY, thanx to you, marie-eve, now i know that Ottawa is a shit hole filled with loveless skanks that will stink up a room like there is no tomorrow.

Ottawa airport is filled with cops. Why don't you infect their lives with your stench. You might even enjoy their company! Just like you : They enjoy poking fun at people's pain and suffering, they lie to accomplish their agenda and
they have a over inflated view of themselves.

Have a good life, pussy fart!
By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 05:31

Ottawa : Canada's national capital but also the congregation of Canada's worse assholes. It's not a surprise to learn that women in that city are cold, indefferent snobs. 25 minutes is all it takes to cross the city east to west, a small town is all Ottawa would be called if it wasn't the capital. It's not what you know, but WHO you know that's important to get a career in Ottawa. Bigots and racist bureaucrats are populating your suburbs, Ottawa. I'm so proud to call myself "canadian".
By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 05:35

In Ottawa , they treat their pets better than people!
I don't understand that!
Are Ottawa pets taxpayers too? pets.
By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 05:45

How many cars and motorcycles are you gonna crash to figure out that you can't drive, bitch!

you're a cunt, marie-eve!
By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 06:51

Are you a white, only english speaking overeducated bigot.

Than come on down to Ottawa, you are one of them.

You can claim to be open minded while rejecting job candidates based on their "canadian experience".

Yearly salary will be a factor in choosing your friends.

You can pretend that Canada includes french while not speaking a word of it.

You can pretend to love only to supplement your income.

Ottawa is a paradise for liars, cheats and hypocrites. Apparently, there are never enough of them around the parliament buildings. RCMP cruisers are all around that place, that's gotta mean somethin' right?

In a place like Ottawa, death might be the only relief...
I'm already dead inside, people lie so much!

suicide.....They love that shit in Ottawa. Gives 'em something to talk about around the water cooler.

It makes it easier to label you with some kind of mental illness and fill you up on legal (but deadly) drugs.

Maybe that's why women are so calleous in canada, they enjoy the sight of a slowly dying man.

Make it quick, for fuck sakes, what's the use of living. in Canada, it's to bolster some bitch's bank acount. so kill me, why don't you.

nothing quick in canada, not even death!

at least in the US, i'd be able to buy a 12 gauge and blow my head off, but that would probably be too harsh of a sight in canada. They'd rather i hang myself or overdose on their "medications".

"We're here to help" they say. HELP YOURSELF TO MY REVENUE, FUCKERS! If it's not the government, it'll be your better half. FUCK LIFE!!!

Canada only likes people that speaks flawless english. The rest of us can be lower income labor. So go ahead kill yourself, frenchie, you're replaceable, disposable or just plain exploitable.

By anonymous at 28,Jul,11 07:47


enough said!
By anonymous at 29,Jul,11 06:16

Ottawa is a shit hole!

Women in Ottawa are a reflection of what that place really is : oblivion.

Ottawans can't face the fact that they are a bunch of prejudiced xenophobes, that's why they are so polite. They lie through their teeth on a daily basis.

Who can take canada seriously, knowing that pointing at everybody elses human rights issues are only to hide your own.

Just look at how they treat their aboriginal population. It looks like canada is still involved in the soft core genocide business. Is that why canada has involved itself in the war in Afghanistan, to ensure a drug and substance saturation on your "reservations".

Thanx canada, for using my tax dollars for crimes against Humanity.
By anonymous at 29,Jul,11 06:49

Groceries and everyday items are scarce and expensive.

Booze and illicit drugs are cheap and plentiful.

Canada is KILLING it's aboriginal population little by little.

I hope China answers the call. It's a crime to denie basic needs of life to your own people.


Look how much the government is busy taxing us on every purchases, every pay day at the end of every fiscal year.
For what, TO KILL INNOCENTS. To ostracize them from mainstream society. To ignore their credibility.

They want us to believe that our economy is healthy compared to the US. If we have a healthy economy, IT IS BECAUSE OF THE U.S. They bore the brunt of the crisis, ALONE. So have some respect for your neighbor to the south, canada, they're helping us more than you think or the government wants you to know.


By anonymous at 29,Jul,11 07:21 Fold Up

Ottawa = the capital of radical dykes and heartless bitches
= the capital of cold, uncaring cunts
= the capital of overeducated stupidity
= the capital of egocentric narcissism
= the capital of polite bigotry

By anonymous at 29,Jul,11 03:50


I met my "soulmate". I cheated on her with someone else.
What a dumbass!

How many people on this site are lonely, discouraged, dejected.

I'm sure you'll meet someone else soon, shark, women can't seem to get enough of assholes such as you.

That's right, cocksuckers like you, women love to be treated like crap by fuckers like you to tell their friends
about their crappy lives.


Thanx to assholes such as you, shark, getting to know someone for the sake of a relationship, or to achieve some kind of intimacy at any level, is unthinkable.

Everyone is busy texting, anyways. Human contact is dead.

Thank you, piece of shit western world!

Hope your life style keeps on killing the millions of people you love to watch dying live on your screens.

No wonder relationships are impossible, you people are so self-absorbed.

By anonymous at 29,Jul,11 05:29

No wonder there are so much suicides in canada, it's such a dull place, peopled with douche bags that all sound alike. Women are snobs, uncaring assholes. Relationships with canadian women are usually a one way street. Canada is just a big village, stretched along the US border. Typical canadians talk about hockey and almost nothing else. It's an empty country. Their government is a glowing example of canadian stupidity. Be proud canadians, you are nothing but in denial of who you really are : ignorant bigots, but very polite bigots!
By anonymous at 29,Jul,11 07:04

To be a PROUD canadian you have to be :

- white
- english speaking
- polite
- xenophobe
- blend in

By anonymous at 05,Aug,11 19:37

Run a nice hot bath and jump in with the toaster. Quick, easy, relatively painless.
By anonymous at 05,Aug,11 21:33

By anonymous at 09,Aug,11 07:37

Quick, easy, relatively english canadian!

By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 08:15

canada needs to die

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 11:04

well iam have solution .ok start with cams in house for security then say there not working what the fudge right lol then get friend to come over come on to her there when she does go for friend you record it lol laws changes when that happens lol inferdelity goes long way in court she gets nothing i think ?if she ant having sex with you then its ezy to get her to cheat really come on ?

By anonymous at 09,Jul,12 12:22

My parents screwed me over when I was young and didn't give a crap about my education or anything even though they are teachers. All the girlfriends I had were psychopathic and abusive to me. Being nice got me nowhere and proved to me that this country is filled with non-stop evil one-sided money worshiping henchmen and henchwomen that care nothing about anyone else. If your own parents will sell you away for some money you know that this country is f#$ked up.

By Tailynn at 27,Nov,12 15:23

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