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another wack story

Posted by nunya at June 24, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Loneliness

my life sucks. i do have two great kids, but i'm all alone when it comes to having anyone to help me or us! i'm so lonely because there's only so much you can discuss with preschoolers. plus, i changed my religion and stopped drinking alcohol or hanging out at clubs and stuff- and it seems like that's all people my age do, so i end up alone. my kid threw my phone in the toilet. i still have service, but no phone- can't talk to anyone. lost my job because one son had such a bad asthma problem that i had to miss a lot of work, coincidentally right after my husband left us which also forced me to drop out of college. at the same time, my younger son wasn't allowed in the hospital because of a swine flu outbreak, so i had to leave the other one alone at night. now unemployment ran out. i have a boyfriend who lives with me now and keeps suckering me out of money, is totally mentally abusive and has been physically. don't judge me, i don't know how to get away. oh yeah, and he gave me herpes. he didn't know about it before he gave it to me, but nonetheless, it's something i have to live with forever that makes me feel trapped and like i no longer have the opportunity to date whomever i want. it's so bad that i have to take suppressive meds. in the last year, my hair has started turning white. i have foot pain that never goes away. now, i've become totally shut down emotionally, which is the suckiest part of this really, because i am such a loving, giving person. i just pretend nothing is going on around me, basically. my mother, who was the one i learned how to do anything from, is now hooked on prescription opiates and almost died not too long ago. there's more, but typing this doesn't really make anything better, does it?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 24,Jul,11 08:53

Nope typing it will change absolutely nothing. The only thing that will change anything is taking action. Your a prime example that sometimes its better to be a alone. I'm a single woman and have been so for about 5 years. I get lonely, but I know that dating a loser would only make things worse. You would be much better off being alone and providing for your kids the best you can. Your BF is dragging you down even lower than you are. Why do you think you must have a man in your life? The first step is to dump your boyfriend. How do you do that? Put all his shit outside, change the locks and tell him to fuck off.

By anonymous at 25,Jul,11 21:38

I know it is easier said tgan done to get rid of a loser but to u sumwhere deep down u must care for him or have sumwhere in your mind that this is all I have become worthy of siince he passed tgat on to you but please be more open minded if people can walk on tge moon wat else do think anyone can do if tgey put their minss to it anything is possible if someone can suppress sumthing their has to be true relief sumwhrre u just have to find it before its to late u know

By at 30,Jul,11 07:04

your life will not get better on its own. Nothing will change by it self.If i take the wrong actions, wrong or bad things will happend. You have a boyfriend, but you say that u have nobody who helps you..the question is why are u with him? Dont tell me...just think about it or write it down. Sometimes i do things just to hurt myself. Maybe because i think i dont deserve any better.I dont know, but if someone is abusive to me and since i have a child myself, i would get him out, because i wouldnt want my child to be a part of it. If i think i dont deserve better, my CHILD surely does. AND YOURS? sincerelly Andrea

By at 30,Jul,11 07:06

Yeah and got to AA.

By Janeece at 24,May,16 19:50

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