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how to be alone

Posted by phuku at June 26, 2011
Tags: 2011 June  Loneliness  Philosophical  Society

Here I am 28 fukin yrs old never thought I'd be at this point at this age. I'm in college still got 2yrs left. I've got no real friends, no girlfriend. I can handle it most of the time but sometimes it gets to me. I feel like I'm going 2 fukin explode but that would be meaningless so I don't. I just keep all this bottled up. I don't like american culture, people in america are all a bunch of brain washed pussies. The media dictates how they think. Its so pathetic and disheartening that ppl are all so stupid. I don't want to die I just want my life to be good for once. I feel like a meaningless leaf getting blown around in the wind.I've been chasin my dream my whole life. Yet I'm always poor and alone. I live like a fukin gypsy my whole life. I'm tired of this sht. I wish someone just give me a sht load of money for no apparent reason. I just want to travel and explore the world. Fuk american values. I don't want to work for some rich prick in my life. Bustin my ass to make him rich.I have no outlet for my anger. Its just inside...killin me.all these rich happy people make me sick. I jus wanna walk by and knock em out one by one. I feel like an animal in captivity sometimes. I'm just a piece to the puzzle that just doesn't fit. All I ever wanted was just a good chic and live in a place with fresh air trees mountains etc. I never cared about being rich or having a lot of material stuff and I still don't. However I can't seem to attract women anymore. I'm nice work out etc but I'm broke haha. I'm not the best lookin guy either. Probably mediocre. I. Feel like I was supposed to be somethin special in my life and I aint sht.all I ever wanted was the simple things in life. All I've ever been handed are problems. I jus don't understand this anymore.


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By anonymous at 30,Jul,11 16:58

same with me dude..i cn understnd..

By anonymous at 31,Jul,11 09:20

Look into Islam, Islam teaches us to live simply, to have a settled life as early as possible, equality etc etc.I believe there is alto you will find that will benefit you. I accepted Islam many years ago and despite my loneliness Islam has given me a purpose in life, direction and contentment that this world is only a temporary disposition, the real life is the hereafter, where poor are given an eternity of bliss.So let the rish continue to be rich, they are the real losers. Also when you enter Islam, you enter a family of billions of people, Muslims are brothers to one another so wherever you go you will be most welcome.
Peace be upon you.
By anonymous at 31,Jul,11 11:28

Oh yes. Islam the Religion of Peace. Let us cover all the women's sinful bodies with rags and blow stuff up. It is fun to use a woodsaw to cut of infidel heads. Remember folks, if you ever hear anybody yell out Allhu Akbar, you better get down because some bullets, bomb shrapnel, etc is about to come flying your way.

By at 31,Jul,11 22:08

If you really want to be successful, you're going to have to work VERY hard for it. You're going to be pushed down and kicked around, but just look forward to the fact that WHEN you make it big, those rich pricks you are referring to will be working for YOU and you'll be on top. Just keep going. Push through the bad and work harder than you ever have in your life. Good luck to you.

By anonymous at 02,Aug,11 23:06

i think america is a little fucked up too and the government doesnt know what the hell they want.

By anonymous at 04,Aug,11 13:36

it will happen you got a lot right about life more than most keep trying theres a plan for you

By anonymous at 05,Aug,11 16:34

move to another country man and do some volunteer job or something, sure it will not make you rich but you will feel nice inside helping people that are way worst than you are

By anonymous at 05,Aug,11 19:13

I moved to this country 10 years ago with $400 in my pocket, because i was not happy with the life i had in my coutry located in former USSR. I worked hard, got my degree, have a great job and make descent money. I love this country, it gave me the opportunities that i would have never had if i stayed in my home country. When i go over there to visit and then come back to the US, I feel like i am coming home. So stop complaining and start working on it. With a lot of hard work and a right attitude you can make anything happen. And you are compaling about people, people are the same everywhere: some good, some bad, some will help you out, and some will throw you under the bus the first chance they get. Good luck with everything!

By anonymous at 05,Aug,11 22:33

why so people write such ridiculous fucking comments? FUCK OFF people, this guy is hurtin, so it doesn't really help to say, whatever the fuck you are all saying. INSTEAD of thinking about yourselves for ONE moment, try listening to the kid and what HE IS SAYING, not what you think you heard. Idiots. Man, no wonder you are depressed. First thing, the bottled up issue. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY. you need an outlet. SPORTS. get this physically out of your body! ASAP. go running, run until you think your heart will stop, until you ant breath, exert yourself, let it all go!!! This is my advise, also increases endorphine sin the brain which, makes you happy:) PS. I love you!!!

By anonymous at 06,Aug,11 17:33

dude, maybe turn yourself to other, go help poor people who have less than you.
life sucks, but i can tell you, when you are down, very down, u can only go up.something good will happen to yu, but push ur luck, maybe a girl waiting for you.

I live in europe.but no job since 2.5!
recently i win at the green card lottery.yes I am coming to the USA to work.u see u have something i want.i know thousand of people who would love to be in the USA and have your life. I know people who live with 200$ a month and work full time and can not even buy a 200$ sony camera after 6 months saving.

ur time will come, but do the first move!

By anonymous at 09,Aug,11 09:45

listen to hardcore

By at 13,Aug,11 05:54

No dnt listern to hardcore dawl

By at 13,Aug,11 05:54

No dnt listern to hardcore dawl

By anonymous at 13,Aug,11 09:28

" wish someone just give me a sht load of money for no apparent reason."

"Fuk american values."

Contradiction much?

By at 13,Sep,11 12:02

totally understand what you are feeling man !

Same thing i am going through ! And you know what is the worst thing?

"I have lost hope in my self !

By anonymous at 17,Sep,11 16:56

No wonder you can't find happiness. With that attitude,no as bad as everything your complaining about.
Wake up and look in the mirror. Change begins with you.

By anonymous at 17,Oct,11 16:28

I would say collecct all the money you can get and then travel to South America. Join the bohemian backpackers, they are roaming around everywhere, you meet them on campsites. hiking trails, backpackers cafes, YMCA, etc. They can then point you in new directions on where to find some work to pay your way, and along you will meet lots and lots of friends. Best experience ever! Just buy a one-way ticket to Peru/Chile/Argentina, etc and go!

By best link build at 15,Oct,13 12:26

tUVZUC Great post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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