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everything, sucks

Posted by victoria at April 14, 2009
Tags: April 2009  Relationship  Society

Alright. Everything sucks for me because everyone, YES everyone, in my school thinks i am a slut. Maybe 20 people that hardly know the real me think im not. I am called a slut because my ex boyfriend went and told a bunch of people that im a slut and i slept with a guy while dating him, i did not. My friends hate me, wanna know why? Ok, for starters i had a friend named Julia. Ive known her since grade 4, we have this "Clan" Its me, Julia, Loocy, and Saliha we're all best friends, well used to be. Julia was saying many things about Loocy so i told loocy, and she stopped being friends with her which concluded Saliha and Julia to hate me. (Saliha sided with Julia) SO it was just Loocy and i. Until Julia told Loocy i said a bunch of stuff, so now i have no friends. My grades in school all range in the 50 percentile, (im in highschool grade 10) and I am a very intelligent person and i dont know how that happened. My dad hates me at the moment, and the guy i love left me. I have no one to trust and no one to be friends with, everything sucks. My family is a big joke, we all lie to eachother to act as if we're all fine with eachother; we are not. My family does not care about my mother and i, as when my step dad of 7 years left my mom and i and he cheated on her, and none of my family members bothered to ask if we were ok from his leave. We were supposed to move to Port Elgin but thats not happening anymore. Im switching schools, trying to anyways to have a new start. Ive tried to kill myself multiple times, and my mom seems to not care about my feelings. No one does except for my friend Steve and my ex boyfriend whom im still great friends with, Tim. Two people care. No one else does. Everyone thinks so low of me and i think there is no point to life, i mean i wasnt even supposed to be born! My mom went on birth control yet she still had me. My parents got divorced when i was 4. Oh and i lost my virginity to the guy who spread malicious lies about me around the school, which caused me to get in a physical fight with someone. My life doesnt suck that much, im just alone and have nothing to show for anything! :)


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By lc at 26,Jun,09 00:08

Hey maybe a new school could be the best thing. Everyone thinks I'm a slut too b/c I'm 19 and have a 2 yr old son. You haven't picked the right group of girls to put your trust in. Suicide is the cowards way out of life. despite your feeling of neglet and worthlessness there is someone out there waiting to find your friendship. It doesn't matter what people think its what you think that matters. If you start believing in everything you hear about yourself you will start to believe. I have been there once too, tried to commit suicide and after about 10 times of it failing i thought about it everything happens for a reason and maybe my reason of it failing was b/c I'm meant to be here. Your obviously suppose to be here too otherwise suicide would have been sucessful. You said you are a smart person don't let these petyful teenagers get the better of you. You have so much left in your life. Your schooling is the most important thing at the moment don't let rumours ruin your life. Venting like this is the best way i found as well. Don't say that stuff if you weren't meant to be born you wouldn't be here maybe you haven't found your reason for being here yet but when you do you'll be happy. Just wait and when you least expect it you'll find what your looking for deep down. Friends, someone to love and care for you.

By at 23,Aug,09 23:26

lc you are a slut you have a kid shut the fuck up and turn your life aruond

By at 23,Aug,09 23:26

lc you are a slut you have a kid shut the fuck up and turn your life aruond

By anonymous at 04,Sep,09 00:51

Everyone at school thinks im a slut because older girls at school make up rumors that everyone believes. for example, i made out with this guy once at a party and everyone assumes i did alottt more with him. i hate it. im so upset all the time because none of it is true. i barely have any friends anymore because my "best friends" decided to stop talking to me all of a sudden for no reason. its really because they desperately try to hangout with the more popular girls so they'd rather try and get into that group.

By anonymous at 13,Jan,11 07:49

I'm come from Thailand.And now I marry english mam for 6 year and have one chid 5 year us living whit mother in-law. My mother in-law she is outsimer is happen after we marry 2 year my husband family not care about her no body come ruond for take care of her or help me anything me and
my husband we have to do everything. he help me wash and change her nappy when he back from work. My husband sister she keep all mother pension whit her self and just give me 40 every week in the last 3 month for me taking care mother in-law. she thiks I'm Thai lady stupid but I'm not I do everythings becuase I love my mother in-law and I'm got no mom no dad I come to England becuase I love my husband and want to make family wiht hem.I know about care around most give more than 40 but I don't know how to do?

By anonymous at 03,Apr,11 03:28

oh hunni, i went through very similar stuff in highschool ...guy i lost my virginity to to called me a slut then started dating my bestfriend and they both would humiliate me in fron of everyone. my other best friend spread rumors about me. i wanted to kill myself to...ur probably beautiful just like me thats y people hate u will be happy soon....i love my life now...and trust me i had rough patches with my dad to and my whole family..just talk about it hold ur head high ...n dont hang out with friends that treat u badly even if u have to be alone...go to the gym focus on school..if there is anything i regret is that i didnt focus more on school n bettering 21 and i just graduated and am going to college now...u will be ok n as for loser boys that say mean things about u...just wait theyll be wanting u back later just be a lady n dont kill urself u know u wanna live u have a whole life ahead of u u havent even lived ten percent of it yet!

By anonymous at 02,Jun,11 14:43

dont worry, my entire school hates me as well. my ex hates my guts for cheating on her with someone since i "hurt"her so bad, EVERYONE hates me. people say evil things on my facebook and make comments as im walking down the hall. your not the only one so dont feel like you are. i know it sucks right now but keep your head up. life goes on and everything blows over after time trust me.

By crorkz linkz at 15,Jan,15 18:30

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