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My life sucks so bad; its so pathetic that I cant do nothing..

Posted by anonymous at July 2, 2011
Tags: Independent circumstances  2011 July

My life sucks...Im trying to get a green card in United States but I can't. My parents work there butts off for us (me and brother). I can't see my dad working like this; I literally can't do anything but wait for the government. ALL my friend have a drivers license and I don't. All I do is listen to songs and cry....Life sucks so bad and all these people around me don't know what they have; Citizenship. My case is going on, there is like some percent I might get my greencard... I wish someone could be me for one day, I want to see how they feel...It's like im trapped in the country that people call 'Free Country'. I wish the government had a heart.I didn't do anything wrong? I didn't kill anyone, I didn't... why me? :( My parents havn't seen their own parents for 8 years...Imagine that guys...That's just MESSED UP!!!!!!!!! MAN! FUCK MY LIFE!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Aug,11 17:58

Why do you want to go to the US? We are falling apart over here. We are entering a double-dip recession and declining to a second world status. The dollar is getting very weak against foreign currencies and there is really no future here.

By anonymous at 09,Aug,11 22:14

go back to where ever the fuck your from. we dont need anymore people like you here.

By anonymous at 10,Aug,11 18:49

You can try to marry an American. That is usually the ticket. It is easier if you are a good looking SE Asian woman. The nerdy white guys, like me, love them.

By anonymous at 11,Aug,11 21:37

It's not totally clear in your post, but if you are even thinking the tiniest bit about killing yourself, I implore you to print out what you have written here and bring it to the emergency room. You sound like you are in serious danger of killing yourself. I speak from experience: with medication and/or talk therapy you CAN feel happiness one day. And if you kill yourself, you won't get a chance to feel happy and I guarantee you will absolutely devastate at least dozens of people, some that you would never even imagine would care, beyond all belief. they will carry the burden of the pain that you are feeling for a very very long time. the grief that you will leave them with will be the worst and most complex type. they will be wracked with guilt and questions and sadness that they weren't good enough to help you in your darkest hour. and when they aren't blaming themselves--this in the midst of a terrifying grief and shock due to your untimely death-they will start to blame others in an unfair way. If you can't get help for you-please do it if you give even the tiniest shit for anyone else.

By anonymous at 12,Aug,11 00:27

As the earlier comment suggested, a marriage could be the answer. It doesn't have to be a "real" marriage - you could potentially find a friend to stay married to you for a few years until you're legal.

By anonymous at 14,Nov,11 18:51

Yes please go home, and take your family with you! It's hard enough for citizens of the US to get by without having you immigrants F everything up too. I'm sick of my tax dollars paying for you fuckers to have opportunities I don't, so fuck off!

By at 06,Jan,12 12:30

Ok seriously? Free country? Over a quarter of us don't even have jobs. Do you not watch the news? AMERICA IS CONSUMING ITSELF. We're a country that is back-peddling from first-world to second-world and probably back to thrid-world in a few more decades. So I would take a thrid-world country that is at least attaining second-world status because there is at least a sign of growth.
But that's not my point. So take your oh-so-"unfortunate" family and go back to whatever foreign country you ran away from, since it's soooo hard here to do nothing all day. Then you can complain about that countries heartless government on their internet. Ya know... with all that free speech you've got wherever you're from? The same governments that support the existence of cartels and forced near-slave labor, sextourism, and mass murder perpetrated by it's own governmental bodies because of murderous corporate greed, psychopathic-leadership tendencies, or insane religious zeal.
Oh BTW, I don't even know my parents. So 8 years really isn't shit. Stop complaining. Life gave you an opportunity in a failing country and all you can manage to do is complain about it on some petty ass BAWWWWWW blog. If your family needs money so badly so sling some rock, some painkillers, some weed, or some pussy. All four sell GREAT here. Otherwise, STFU and wait patiently for your "I'm no longer not welcome in this country" card.
Your life doesn't suck, you're just trying to join another country's ranks and am too much of a spineless liberal pussy to wade through red tape to get what you want out of OUR (Not yours) tax dollars.
I say "not yours" cause I assume you're just another parasitic sponge soaking in my tax dollars and not paying one red cent to support my children's public schooling, public medical insurances, or even one cent to ANY publicly used funds.
So fuck you. You don't have the right to bitch yet. Pay taxes first, asshole.

By anonymous at 28,Jan,13 12:55

back in 1985 was drinking all the time by 2003 got a DUI and have stop drinking. all was doing good tell 2011 lost my job at age 47 and no one will give you a job here in calf if you or over 45. time's or bad and life suck ater 45 so was thinking of going bad drinking and be drunk all the time tell i die

By anonymous at 13,May,13 18:57

You are a stupid moronic fuck. Die.

By Nike Free Run+ 3 at 04,Sep,14 22:51

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