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My Parents Love

Posted by anonymous at July 11, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 July  Juvenile problems

My life seems so miserable to begin with. Every since I was young I never had a father caring for me he use to beat my mom and me up so she could be obedient and I could quit my tears. My father loves my 17-year old (only) brother more. One day, he had an affair and my whole world turned upside down.

My Loving mom changed from then, she became a overactive person who jumps to conclusion, self-centered person, and starts beating my brother and me up. That time I hated my father and thought they were divorced, My brother and I moved in with her. After that a whole chained of events started, we kept travelling, getting kicked out of our own home, me and brother started to have fights with violence.

My mom now controls us in every way, my brother and I are nothing but objects she owns, we are lifeless dolls. We always try to satisfy her since we know she's hard working, my brother and I are scholars but even though we did so much to please her she was never satisfied, she was always stressed.

When I was around eleven we (including my mom and brother)had to move back with my dad since we couldn't pay the rent. After three years staying with him we didn't have a decent conversation. Until my brother and I started to rebelled against our mom TELLING not shouting about her attitude that we're sick of and she went completely berserk!

My dad wasn't home that time. So she started hitting my brother but my brother defended himself by hitting her back. She was complaining why he hit her... then she was backstabbing us by calling her friends and relative that we are 'bad' children. Ha! Bad yeah right she said she wouldn't hesitate to kill an animal like me, and just because I went out at my friend's little sisters b-day at 3 p.m. and came Home at 6 p.m., yes I did tell her I was going out.

After that whole drama like every once a week. But we were really stabbed hard by her words this time; she said want to send my brother and I away and she didn't want us as her children. Then, she went to work.

My father arrived home seeing everything broken. We ask him "Dad, are you on are side, you hate mommy right? He told us everything, my mom was using him this whole time, they were never divorced, My father love her but she never loved him back so he had an affair. So she took her children knowing we won't have a dad and started to date guys. And all this time we hated him.

Sigh, sometimes I wish my life weren't complicated, because of this events I have been traumatized and have aichmophobia, philophobia and mental issues. And my brother's head is messed up, full of raged, despair and all he has is me. And we can't do nothing but watch since we love our parents no matter how they treat us, they love us too but they always move us in to the abyss.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 23,Aug,11 11:36

You have a beautiful way with words and I know this pain will inspire greatness in you. Everday when you wake up and before you go to sleep, reflect on the positive things you see in the outside world. Set a goal for yourself to escape the chaos around you and make your future into something bright. Never let the negative words and actions of others decide your destiny! And don't fall prey to pretenders! These trying times put you at risk of being manipulated by others... If it sounds to good to be true, it is believe me!!! I have siblings who have been damaged by our parents and it takes a strong person to overcome abuse, but don't be afraid to ask for help. Love and help your brother as much as you can, but remember you're still young and have your own life to live. If things get to where you feel you can't handle it, look up your local Department of Human/Protective Services.

By Adobe OEM Software at 09,Mar,12 02:24

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