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living in hell

Posted by anonymous at July 16, 2011
Tags: Drugs  2011 July  Justice  Money

heroin addicted ripped out my moms hands given to strangers who never had time to deal with my problems so they druged me up and i was raised by grandma found beautiful girl fell in love she turned out to be a slut and fucked everybody in the whole class i was in at school even the teacher. sent away by narcisistic adoptive family to boarding school with psycologists who gave me more diagnosisis and more drugs got back, grandma couldnt remember me alzhimers. missed first year and a half of my nephews life grandma dies, find biological family, grandpa pillar of that family dies my biological mom dies i get drunk check out cleark refuses to sell because im intoxicated so i steal beer loss prevention assults me punches me in the back of the head i move my head so i dont get punched and security punches the pavement and scrapes his nuckle i get assult charge. almost off probation depressed day want to smoke weed cant so i get drunk catch another bogus assult charge go to jail 3 months fuck up probation get probation violation go to jail 6 months grandma dies and leaves house hoarder status brother ransacks house for anything worth anything and sells like a tweaker bails on cleaning and leaves this place to be cleaned by my sister who has 2 kids and is being evicted and me who is fucked by girlfriends brother on our morgage money so we had to move out and rent the place and our renters fucked us and we havent seen a penny and im currently homeless grandmas house has to be demolished because of black mold girlfriend loves to bitch at me


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