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Posted by anonymous at July 18, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Juvenile problems  Sexuality

My name is Trevor I'm 14, and my life sucks balls..
i have been molested, im gay, and both my parents died after being divorced since i was three.
When i was born i had a family. my older brother and my parents. when i was three my father left because him and my mom had fights. after he left my mom started dating women not because she was lesbian but because she felt more in control. she was an alcoholic and barely let my dad visit. She was a great mother and loved me and my brother very much. Her and her girlfriends she brought home would always fight at night and sometimes even fist fought. When i was six i was molested by my pre-school janitor. i told my mom and she told the police and they put him in jail. That's when i got my first therapist. then when i was nine i was struggling with my sexuality and i didn't know what i was. soon after there was a fire im my house,me and my brother made it out and ran across the street to our neighbors. they called the fire department and we waited. my grandma arrived with the police and they sat down next to us. they told me and my brother that our mom tried to get to me and my brother instead of going to the backyard she ran into her closet which was right next to the door leading to us and got trapped she suffocated to death. My brother and I moved in with my grandma who takes care of me to this day. My brother and i went to group therapy and he got very angry over a few years. He would always yell and break things, so finally my grandma kicked him out. i still see him but not as much as before. my brother is my best friend. My dad would call me and my brother drunk constantly and it was terrible. i got another therapist who sucked and i hated her. so i finally told my grandma and she stopped the sessions. I started getting into as many drugs as i could get my hands on until i was caught by my grandma. then i was caught at school and i got expelled. I knew my sexuality by then and told my grandma who was very supportive even though my step grandpa thinks its a choice and that its wrong. i got another therapist who is my therapist at the moment. her name is erika and she is helping me cope through everything using T.F.C.B.T-trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy
we were making a lot of progress until my dad got cancer and my brother told me. we went to see him and he apologized for everything. he had it in his arm stomach and legs. I told him he had my support and that he better come through for me and my brother. two days after he died. its been 2 months and i wanted to rant about everything...


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By anonymous at 28,Aug,11 02:47

Buck up fag, why are you gay if you didn't like it, go be a spokeskid for nambla. Either that or stop being afraid of the cunt.
By anonymous at 28,Aug,11 03:48

See the part below about forgiving jerks? I mean except this guy :)
By G14 at 06,Sep,11 01:56 Fold Up

HOW DARE YOU. who do you think you are you f*cker? He obviously wasn't gay when he was a toddler. And NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would WANT to be molested. Girls get raped by men all the time and they don't like it. YOU ARE THE F@G. Think before you talk @sshole. I can't web imagine what kind of a horrible person you are that would were something like that to a kid.
By anonymous at 06,Sep,11 16:39 Fold Up

way to be sympathetic
karmas do come back around
im just warning you
By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 06:45 Fold Up

you mr sound like one of the typical straight males who are soooooo imtimidated by gay guys as so many of them are so much more attractive and just open and free in themselves... maybe you get little tingles in your little doodle when you see brad pitts bum in movies... that sounds about right. cos if you were comfortable in your macho ruggedness you know, the type of guy who fucks women like a rabbit, the type of guy who girls fake orgasms to have a relationship with, the kinda guy girls are thinking about someone who resembes more of a "gay" guy well if you were comfortable about yourself than you wouldnt have a problem with others being the way they are. and i dont mean to stereotype, there are femining straight guys and butch gay guys, but if you are intimidated by the fact people are open and know themselves and are free (something that is beautiful) than its so clearly obvious to everyone how insecure you are adn how you dont know yourself at all, if you did youd be comfortable... so how about you go back onto your and stick your finger in your bum bum and shut your eyes and pretend that your getting plugged by your grandpa, "faggot".

By anonymous at 28,Aug,11 03:44

That all certainly does suck balls! But you sound pretty wise for 14. Lay off the drugs, try to be a nice person, be proud of being gay, forgive people when they're jerks, enjoy your life. You'll be OK, dude.
By anonymous at 29,Aug,11 20:05


By anonymous at 28,Aug,11 19:09

I hope you can get there. You sound like I kid with a lot of thought and lots to think about. The good news is smart people get on well in life if they can keep themselves mentally healthy. Hopefully you'll do well from therapy again, figure out your talents and interests and be able to look at your past, aware that it happened, with a confidence that you couldn't be who you became without it, however traumatic it might have been.

Ignore fools who make you feel negatively about your sexuality, the ones who don't care either way are the keepers.

By anonymous at 28,Aug,11 20:32

I'm sorry that life dealt you so many blows so early. You must be very strong to still be around. There are always those out there who care...remember that.

By anonymous at 28,Aug,11 22:49

He's pretty wise for his age, definitely.

By anonymous at 29,Aug,11 02:09

MaN FucK ur DaD !!
By anonymous at 30,Aug,11 21:20

stfu u fukin rude azz dumb prick u needa go fuk urself like now!
By anonymous at 30,Aug,11 21:22

and by the way im not tlkin bout the guy who wrote this story im tlkin bout the prick who wrote the fuk ur dad comment bt on the other hand ur story is very inspirational and keep on seeing ur therapist things will get better promise *kisses*

By anonymous at 31,Aug,11 21:14

hey, kiddo. keep your head up and try not to listen to all the assholes that attack you. you're unique. be proud of it. pick up a guitar and start a band. stay educated. you don't have to necessarily get that from school but read good books and watch documentaries!

my father died when i was young, too. it was very hard but gradually you will find his spirit with you. he may not have been the nicest while you were alive but that doesn't mean he didn't love you. i love my mom to death and am meaner to her than almost anyone i odd paradox, i know. anyways, i'm so sorry for your loss of both of your parents...feeling like an orphan. but even the kids who have parents sometimes still feel like orphans. most families are not perfect. eventually you will find your friends and build your circle. they will become your true family. but in order to do that you can't be depressed and have to find who you are and let that lead's a life long process

life is tough and there are many things to get angry, depressed, and frustrated about...but just stay occupied, express yourself (art, music, writing, work you find passion in, whatever), and remember that your body is your matter who else is around you the one constant is that you live under that skin...under those muscles and in those bones. don't take that for granted. take care of your temple.

By anonymous at 05,Sep,11 12:56

You sure have had more than your share of trouble so early in life. It's good that you have a therapist that is helping you cope with all of the tragedies and difficulties you've had to face. You are fortunate, as a gay person, to be born at a time when your rights can be protected and it is more accepted to be open about your sexuality than it used to be. It's still tough dealing with people who are not tolerant but there is a lot of support and love available to you. Check out support groups in your area--being able to talk about common problems and be united in facing them will give you strength. If you stay away from drugs and alcohol and study and work, you will make a very good life for yourself, despite the rough start you've had.

By anonymous at 06,Sep,11 01:50

I'm so sorry.. I'm 14 too and with all the stress of being a teenager plus that other stuff, I can only imagine how crazy you must feel. Try this. Get into an art or a sport. It will take your mind off of things. I promise. ItMs scientifically leovencto take your mind somewhere else. When i'm drawing or playing basketball, I forget about all my problems. Just know that in a few years, you will be able to get on your feet and lead the life you choose. A new beginning. I know you can make it through. And being gay is awesome. Maybe you could join a gay pride club or something and feel like a part of a community. Make sure to keep your grades up. If youre getting good grades, you can apply for scholarships and that will ensure a successful life. Keep your head up:)

By anonymous at 15,Jan,12 04:23

There is some real worthless losers on this site. They have to troll the comments area talking shit to people telling their story. They do ti to feel better, but because they do it, lets me know they are a loser piece of shit who hates their own life.

By oem software at 12,Feb,12 05:45

wUCUYG Thanks:) Cool topic, write more often! You manage with it perfctly:D

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