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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at July 26, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 July  Poverty

i dont even know where to start.. when i was little my family was happy we could afford anything we wanted nobody was yelling at home but now our lives are totally different.. we dont have any money we are poor as shit nobody is happy but the most unhappy person in the family is me.. high school made my life a living hell im bullied all the time im really sick and tired of that i want to stand up for my self but there is something in me that is holding me back i want to do something more in my life but i cant im a total loser i have no friends i never go out and im just 17 im depressed all the time every word can hurt me and i cry like crazy for everything my personality has changed im yelling at everybody my parents always yells back at me that i have to change but its easy to be said but not easy to be done sometimes i wish i wasnt even born... every other person i know is just so happy they are all smiling and i wish i was like them maybe they have problem too but they dont show that they are not happy but i that kind of person that always shows what i feel like i suffer from social anxiety thats the reason why i have no friends.. 10 minutes ago my mom came to my room and she said if i wanted to take my dog for a walk and i said no and i said that this morning i took it for a walk and i said that she can take the dog out and she started crying and yelling at me " why are you doing this to me you are driving me crazy" and she always takes pills to calm down...

im writing this with tears in my eyes wondering will i wake up the next morning i just want to commit suicide right now..


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By anonymous at 15,Sep,11 19:35

Life sucks thanks to the rotten human race. I'm not perfect, but I meet all the shit people like druggies, drunks, users moochers that don't work, hypocite bible thumpers, lazy dole getters, rude obnoxious kids. Greedy people make me want to vomit. Total garbage. I try to help people and all they do in return is either blow me off or treat me like shit because they are uncaring trash. Thanks to many years of this crap, I find that life totally sucks. Yes I'm depressed and I really hate people. I really wish I could afford to go somewhere and be a recluse with my animals. Atleast they are loving unlike rotten people. I really hate this shitten world and hope it ends December 21, 2012 or sooner. PEOPLE SUCK, THE WORLD SUCKS AND LIFE SUCKS.
By anonymous at 30,Dec,11 23:59


By anonymous at 15,Sep,11 23:35

Believe me when I say that IT WILL GET BETTER!!! I also have a huge anxiety disorder and struggled a lot when I was in high school. I know it is really hard to talk openly with people when you have an anxiety disorder, but you should really try very hard to talk to a counselor at your school. Counselors are patient and will help you to express what's going on if you can't find the right words. If you can't find someone to talk to at school please visit this website:

or call this number:


By calling this number you can stay anonymous but you can still talk about the things that are concerning you. There are people out there that care about you even if they don't know you. See, I took the time to respond to your message and I have never even met you. You are going to be okay, sweet thing. It will get better you just have to let it.

By anonymous at 12,Dec,11 18:49

Find a recruiter, take an practice asvab and start studying. Don't take ur life dedicate it to getting u somewhere else.

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