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Goverment + Evil + Greed = Same

Posted by Reagan Callum Huchtins at July 27, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Justice  Money  Society

im reagan and im fucked, i was 14 1st job at austwide trolleys got paid one paycheck Bout $400- $70 4 uniform so $330. did that job 4 about 10-12weeks b4 i checked my balance to give my mum some money and bang there was only $330, my 1st paycheck. i asked the boss wat the go was and he said hed sort it. bout 1wk later got fired 4 stealing a can of drink which =33c and he thought (marshall boss of austwide trolleys in brisbane metro area) that cause i took a rrp 33c drink im nothing but a scum bag not that im working my arse off, saving my money, keeping out of trouble and being good No he thougt fuck hes done wrong i DONT HAVE TO PAY HIM i can keep the $3000+ that hes earnt WAT A GREEDY CUNT. now we will skip a whole bunch of bs cause theres one more thing i really want to say... the police a fucked mate ive been beatin by them 4 the littlest reason so many times everytime i see one i just wish he was dead and i no he will b one day. Bout 10 months ago i was walking home i had a argument with my mum and my sister my step dad tried to stop me leaving the car cause he new i was rite but na i wouldnt have it (my sister is spoilit and she said i got it easy WHEN I DONT). so im on my way home jumped out at queens road and walk to loganlea trainstation and caught the train to kingston(we i lived), on the way some coppers pulled up the wanted to talk to me i said "No get fucked im drunk, ive had a fight with the fam and im walking straight home". Wat do u think he said ill tell ya U DONT TALK TO MEEEEEEE like THAT MATE. i told just to leave me alone and told me to stay so u no wat he did he tackled me and wen backup got they smashed me and then they took me to logan central police statoin on jacaranda ave and they semi-circled round infront of me with my back to the fence and they waited till there BIG maori pinhead copper CUNT came down to fuck my shoulder and spine up in a way that i didnt get out of bed 4 3 dayz, after that they took me to beenleigh watchhouse to stay 4 how long a night but they wouldnt tell me and one of they fucken srcews threated me saying that if i didnt do wat she said she would get the BOYZ in to make me. It was Fucked THE MOST FUCKED UP THING WAS AT COURT THE LAYWER READ ME THE POLICE STATEMENT AND IT WAS FALSE... in their report(the police r only protectors bs side)they said that i was discharged from logancentral when i had the discharge papers from beenleigh?... U WANNA NO WAT ENDED UP HAPPENING, MY 2 COUNTS OF ASSAULT POLICE.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Sep,11 17:52

bloody cunts mate, no justice in this world.

By anonymous at 14,Sep,11 22:33


By anonymous at 15,Sep,11 03:40

You sound like a fucking idiot you dirty thief.

By anonymous at 15,Sep,11 03:40

You sound like a fucking idiot you dirty thief.

By Mister B-Don at 15,Sep,11 11:45

I think you need anger management because you did some dumb shit.

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 18:19

No one owes you a living, you owe your slef. If you can read this. It sounds like you need to finsh school and get some help. You are making some bad choices that is causing you all the drama in your life. Give god a chance and get learn how to talk like a lady.

By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 16:02

fuck the police, their oaths are "protect and serve" the only thing they serve is their own egos through bullying and intimidation.

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