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Posted by anonymous at July 30, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Philosophical

I've realized I dispise the human race. We are idiotic lowly life-forms. We have no special skills(besides intelligence, and even that is debatable), we destroy where we live, and we kill eachother constantly. If we find value in things, why do we use notes(paper money) and coins to represent gold to represent value? Why can't we trade things? Or at least focus on not destroying where we live? Why can't we stop inventing new pollutants and make green fuel, using something like lightning? I hate humans...


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By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 00:50

Harnessing Lightning? Jesus fuck you are a fucking GENIUS! OMG That is THE MOST AWESOME IDEA I HAVE EVER HEARD OF. You go and spread that idea kid and save the word.
By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 00:51

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 02:13

I also despise human race. But not because of the things you said. It's because if someone is a little or more different than the rest of the society they'll point their fucking fingers at you and say that's a freak (obvious reference :) ), laugh at you etc. They don't understand if someone is different even though it's not his choice. God I hate my neighbours, my neighbourhood, and people in general.
On the other hand - trading can't be done the way You want. What if you got something only of bigger value and you don't want to get rid of it and you want something of small value? Here comes money to save You. That's of course the simplest example. Learn about it and you'll see it's not something somebody pulled out of his ass in a second, multiple intelligent people developed this.
And I hope You know that all this green fuel and ecological energy nonsense is for making lots and lots of money? Always know - They don't care about You, money comes first. You know how much money they are making on this bullshit? New technologies are always expensive. You think Global warming is occurring? Rather global freezing.

By Microsoft OEM Software at 07,Mar,12 13:00

sblIpf I really enjoy the post.Really thank you!

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