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Posted by anonymous at July 31, 2011
Tags: Job  2011 July  Money

damn life sucks so much right now. im 19 but feel like crap. im at a lame cashier job part time barely get paid but my broke parents are asking for money. theres NO FOOD in my refrigerator. in fact as i write this im on my way to work to start an 8 hr shift on a empty stomach. parents argue all the time over nonsence. moms the most unreasonable person on earth. i have to pay some house bills and buy food. i feel like i thrown these responibilities that i shouldnt be responsible for. damn


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 00:44

I swear you must be my little brother-jim is that youu?

Been there, hope you're okay. Noone should go to work or bed hungry.

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 18:02

I am sorry your parents are not their for you, but you are young and will make it. Go to your local DSS office and see what they can do for you. Their are many young people in your situation that go to school, and work and get help. Do what you can and be postive life is hard but you have to be strong and beleive in your slef. Get in a good church they will also help you.

By anonymous at 20,Sep,11 14:16

time to move on.. you are 19

By anonymous at 26,Sep,11 19:20

God will reward you for the hard work you did for your parents. Nothing goes unseen in front of God.

Good luck bro.

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