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Posted by wntingsomeone at July 31, 2011
Tags: 2011 July  Relationship

I have been looking for love and not having any success at it. I have my own home, I try to be kind to others, some of the guys I have dated it has only been all about them...I have not been on a date now or 9 months, (my choice) I am pretty, fit, love animals. Honestly sometimes the pain is overwhelming! But I know if I just go with anyone, I will even be more miserable, I can't hardly stand it at times. My friends are married, or they have someone and in central pa where I live it is a very small town, I have even considered moving! AUGH. I tried internet dating, blah...maybe just maybe two lonely hearts can find each other here. You ever wonder how come? I do, it makes my throat tight and then the tears come..and I just swallow harder. I meet these guys that are just ego maniacs, they dont value your love at all..I am in such sadness at times.. I wish I had someone to hold there hand, take a walk, snuggle with in bed, share a meal, laugh with, cry with, hold..


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By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 00:01

I know how you feel and wrote those same words about how i want love too. As a woman who is older than you, i can only say it gets worse. I want love to, want to have a man in my life but don't, and probably never will. :( It gets very lonely. I know what you mean though, cuddling with a man sounds very nice. I hope you find someone, good luck.
By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 00:46

Same here in my 30s feel the same as you both, least I have Michael Jackson...but not really.
By anonymous at 07,Oct,11 01:48

I haven't dated in over 5 years and I have to agree with the 1st post. It does get worse with time, loneliness..........
no one cares, baaaaaaah!

We all crave a little "companionship", Ha!

But people are much too self absorbed and manipulative to even
wanna mingle.

I totally understand your predicament, at 35, I feel useless.
It doesn't help that I work the graveyard shift in an empty office building at the city limits in the middle of nowhere.

I'm in Ottawa Ontario Canada

Hang in there 'cause you seem like a heart warming person to get to know and YOU ARE BOUND TO MEET SOMEONE SPECIAL!
Ladies are lucky like that in my experience.

If you are anything like me.............IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACT OR BEHAVE LIKE THEM GUIDOS & DIVAS OR PLAIN BEING JUST RUDE & VULGAR (for nothing).

I'm sure there is someone out there just waiting to be swept off their feet by your refreshing attitude toward love. GOOD LUCK & TAKE CARE, Miss:-)
By anonymous at 26,Feb,12 06:17 Fold Up

i feel the same, life truly sucks. i crave havin someone to hug me...........its been so long now that ive given up all hope. im just a loser, always was, always will be. im gods joke

By at 18,Oct,11 18:15

I completly agree with the other ladies. It does only get worse. Not only the loneliness, need for companionship but even the men themselves get worse! There really isn't much to look forward to in the dating world.

So my advice is to stop looking and hoping for love and just love yourself. Find out what things you like to do, go all the places you want to go and do everything you are holding off from doing alone. This is your life and no one elses. Make the best of what you have today. I have gone to matinees, plays, horseback riding, sporting events and clubs by my self and have had a great time without a man. And I've meet some nice people along the way. No dating prospects but nice people all the same. Once you get out of your own way with the narrow minded thinking about a relationship and work on yourself and truly find out who you are, you will be more equipped to deal with the right guy when he comes along.

So all in all, get a long body pillow to snuggle up to at night (atleast it won't snore!), a good sex toy to relieve the pressure from time to time and stop dwelling on the need for a relationship. Enjoy your life and make it all about you. Only you can complete you, no one else and if you think they can you are sadly mistaken and will end up miserable.

And if in the end you never find the love of your life at least you will have had an amazing life to talk about. God Bless and best of luck to you.
By anonymous at 22,Oct,11 21:30

sweet comment, thanx!

I'm a "guy" actually!

I wrote the entry immediately above yours.

Loneliness feels the same in Texas as in COLD Canada!

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