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Story of doom

Posted by anonymous at August 2, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Health  Money

My Life is over.. I have two teenage boys and a wife who I have been married to for 24 years. We now do not have an real savings and I am about to end it all. We are over $250,00 in debt due to this house and vehicles we bought 3 years ago when I was gainfully employed in the military. I now work for a company who does not pay well and I have been diagnosed with a disease that is easily looked after but makes me very tired. I do not want to go on. We have two vehicles at the end of their lives. Two dogs which I have no idea what will happen to them. I have no idea what will happen to my wife and boys. This is a very complex problems. I have not had a full nights rest since April of this year. I have really no idea how we racked up so much debt. We had bought so many items over the past 24 years and I do not know why. We have had boats,trailers,etc and each one was sold for cheaper than What I paid for it. I also blame the bank for the crazy line of credit I racked up to $47000 dollars. I know where I went wrong and now it is all too late. If I had stayed in the military would have eventually released me due to my condition. My wonderful beautiful life with my boys is now coming to a horrific end. I hope my wife and boys understand that I am totally all screwed up. From the diseases,problems such as Tinnitus,the brain fog. panic attacks, unable to sit for long periods of time. I walk the floor every night and complain to my wife..I will miss all of the beautiful holidays we all had together, the kids birthdays,grand kids if my boys can go on and so much more....


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 11:58

Be a man, or be a pussy coward, the choice is yours.

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 17:38

Suck it up. Your PRIDE is the only thing stopping you from declaring bankruptcy and facing the fact that you failed as a money guy.
Own it. Deal with it. Move on.
Don't leave your kids with the knowledge that Dad couldn't hack it. Do something about it, even if it sucks.

By anonymous at 18,Sep,11 17:50

I agree do not let your pride get in the way, it only money but family is for always. At least you are their for your family. It is better to be honest lay your cards on the tabel and work it out as a family. Life is not alway good, the ones that love you will their when the time are not not good. It is not going to be easy to start over, but people do it everyday. God wlll help you if you will let him. God bless you and your family

By anonymous at 19,Sep,11 06:45

I've thought about this and decided that, as long as I can live in my family in a two-bedroom apartment with a beat up old car, life is worth it. You said the disease is manageable so I assume you're depressed about losing stuff basically. That's all it is, stuff.

By anonymous at 19,Sep,11 07:42


By anonymous at 21,Sep,11 19:43

Maybe you shouldn't have spent money you didn't have, on things you didn't need.

By anonymous at 26,Sep,11 19:17

I know it might sound not very ethical nor pleasant for you, but get a life insurance. At least your family won't get financially destroyed when your dead.

By anonymous at 30,Sep,11 19:38

These are terribly hard times for so many, and even though your problems are ginormic, please don't give up. Know that you have the love of God, first and foremost, and then, that of your family. Give yourself over to Jesus, completely. His mercy and kindness know no bounds, and He is just waiting for you to ask. He will see you through even though, right now things look impossible. Asking God for help is the courageous thing to do, ignore all of the naysayers who lack compassion.

By link building at 23,Oct,13 22:59

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