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if life would be different

Posted by Lonely guy at August 3, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Loneliness

First of all, Im 24, I have no girlfriend, no friends, I was recently rejected by the girl I like.. so that sucks to me a lot :(.. life has no meaning for me anymore.. I'm not attractive, that means im ugly...i say it bcuz the girl I like told me so :( it hurt but hey... It's the truth! I have tried many web sites for dating... But girls these days just go for the looks... sometimes I tell myself why I was born this ugly? :( will love ever find me? I doubt it... ugly people wont find real love... sometimes I wish I could die in my sleep..anyways no one will care if I die, no one miss me..cuz I have no one but loneliness in my heart.... FML :(


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By anonymous at 20,Sep,11 21:52

I am in your same situation and am not 'ugly', so don't worry, we're all alone
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 11:19

Yeh I agree, I dont think I am ugly either, and would probably be called "handsome" if you saw me. But in the end we are all alone anyway.

Besides being "not ugly" isnt all its cracked up to be anyway, at least not for a guy. Mayby for a girl it would be different, but for a guy its nothing to covet.

By anonymous at 21,Sep,11 04:02

yea man to be honest you probably aren't that bad looking, we all judge ourselves. Just cause on girl doesnt like you doesnt mean anything. Im 19 but ive never been in a relationship, with nothing in sight. So youre at least in good company with other lonely ppl. Just hang in there and be yourself, you will find someone eventually

By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 03:05

well due to a lot of bs Colorado springs sucks no work and don't even think of being colored out here and find a job other then the army girls are really racist they think i am a Mexican and i just jumped the boarder but i have never jumped one nore has my family or past family ever jumped a boarder but soon as they see me o another Mexican good luck with jobs girls wont even look at me not even for a seconds not even ata glance all my gf's have never been from here pretty racist but i fell like you just lost my gf of 4 years ben a few months i tried talking to this girl that works at sonic thought maybe id have a chance i got a nice car and truck and i make a few bucks honest and i help people out a lot when i can afford 2 but no no matter what good i do i never get jack for it i hate caring so much and getting treated like crapp i know a rapist a felon a guy who does meth beats his girl friend all are white dudes losers scum but girls go over em like crazy so i guess i am no better them rapist or child molester i cant believe what some of these girl go out with its fucking crazy so i am going crazy people like to fuck wit me a lot i just hope i don't wind up killing a lot of people so any ways i fell worse then a felon rapist child molester but yet i have no felonies at all and i try to be good i am getting tierd now i i site here all alone i really like that sonic girl i asked 2 times now no luck she is so pretty so pretty to me she great her butt it so nice i really like here i wish for once in my life i could get the girl i really like even if its just for a few months i am a tad picky kinda besides when i get desperate just don't do any out of desperation it will fuck with you ill you die believe me so lets all pry wish or what ever that we can all do better i al ways ask god to help use poor guys out that are good but time can hurt being alone is not good for a man's mind we can lose it go crazy commit crimes out of loneliness sadness all we can do is hang in there i guess best of luck i hope you can find you cute girl dont be to picky a good girl can be abig girl to she dont have to be perfect even most ugly girls still have nice butt or boobies etc smile hiar treats you good get wail you can dont pass it up dont fuck it up

By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 16:08

well a friend of mine just got caught by his teacher at a boarding school with 2 other girls having sex... he is a lot younger then me and i didn't even had a gf yet...
By anonymous at 16,Nov,11 11:22

who the hell cares ?

And if it bothers you that much have him hook you up with one of the girls he was fucking, they gotta be slutty if they were down for a threesome. Hey mayby they will give you a sex sandwich, think about it.

Well unless your friend is really good looking and has a dick like a PVC pipe.

By anonymous at 22,Sep,11 17:10

You should try dating 100 girls, some of them surely going to get along with you. Theres nothing to lose, set in your mind that this is just experience/experiment itll help you to cope with the disappointment of being rejected.

Hope this helps =D

By at 22,Sep,11 23:32

Go n Rape girlz Before You Kill them !!

By anonymous at 23,Sep,11 14:20

come on yr..!! having an a gf and grt looks is not the whole life... find pleasure in some other thing..dnt waste ur precious youth gng all arnd girlszz.... and any point in anyone;s life.. a person will b rejected..its a natural thing...chiill dude..!!! u can have a grt life..!!!

By anonymous at 05,Oct,11 01:51

hang in there buddy. girls are duetches if they only go for looks. but i feel ya on that one. im not good looking either. im ok. i dont understand why there like that. who really knows. you find something that keeps your train going. i like music and its helped me fuel my train for a little while til i i find my real fuel. life shouldn't be like this but it is. i feel the same way with everything you had said. big question is why??????

By anonymous at 08,Oct,11 06:33

my 1st gf was when Im 31. I got rejected so many times that I'v lost count. But I never gave up. Eventually some one will except u for who u are. May be go online get some tips on how to talk to a girl, if ur not natural at it! Anyways, she broke up with me after a yr. Im single again. But thats life right? It's meant to suck. good luck body...

By at 11,Oct,11 21:50

Bet your not ugly, everyone is beautiful in their own way, well that's what someone told me, I can't see that myself though, talkk to me sometime x

By anonymous at 01,Jan,12 06:26


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