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Life is Bad

Posted by Zahir at August 4, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Mistakes  Money

Today was terrible day. The stock market lost over 500 points and I am screwed. I thought today was the day to invest and dumped my savings of 20K into the market thinking that stocks would go up today, 08/04/11, since they were on the upswing yesterday afternoon. It was a foolish wager and I lost bigtime, man. Now my family will disown me when they found out because they wanted me to use that money to fly to my native country in Asia to meet a good woman. I am 30 and still single and bring much shame upon my family. They call me a piece of shit when I show up for family celebrations alone and my younger cousins who are married with woman laugh at me and they probably think I am closet gay. I am a Muslim so that is very bad stigma. In my native Bangladesh, they kill them. Hell, you drink one fucking beer and you get flogged, especially during Ramadan.
I am also very overweight from eating too much sesame candy and sweet rice. I need to work out more, but my boss has me working around 70 hours per week at my computer programming firm and I am just so damned tired to do it. Life is very bad.


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By anonymous at 25,Sep,11 09:19

Go home you fucking pile of shit. It's fucking retarded 3rd world shithead scum like you tyat ruined the US. This used to be a great place to live but 3rd world camel-ball licking shits like yku ruined our country and now you are whinning aout having a job you fat fuck. You stole a job from a US citizen who is now unemployed and you are whinning. Fuck off you camel jockey turd.
By anonymous at 15,Nov,11 11:56

If I ever meet you I will tape C-4 plastic explosive to your body and blow you up you cock sucking faggot asshole fuck.

I hope you rot in hell you scum sucking yankee pig. Fuck off and die.

By anonymous at 25,Sep,11 22:59

You are in the Untied States, The Nation under God. Give him a chance. It sound like you can make more money. Give a American lady a chance. Your family needs to love you for who your are not how much moeny you make or loose. You came to America to be different for country, than be differnt, live the american dream. Do not give your family to careate your happines. Give God a chance, and see what he can do for you. Tkae one day at a time, and one problem at a time. May God bless your soul.

By anonymous at 11,Nov,11 22:50

Maybe you can meet lady to marry from similar background in mosque or daughter of muslim family here? You work hard and if you lost your savings it is still only $, and you are still young. Meet nice lady here and she will be lucky if she has hard working husband....your family will be quiet then.

By anonymous at 15,Nov,11 11:54

There is no way you lost your money on the same day you liquidated your savings and invested it and the stock market overall dropped 500 points.

In all actuality you got some great deals very cheaply, if you invested on the same day the stock dropped, if you had invested the day before you would have lost alot of the value, but you didnt you got it for cheap. Even if you lost money the market always comes back, proven statistically since its creation that it goes up over time.

Worry about losing the weight more then losing money in the stock market.

By Buffie at 20,May,16 02:15

Help, I've been informed and I can't become igrtanno.

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