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Just another typical emo teen...

Posted by JG at August 10, 2011
Tags: Attitude  2011 August  Friendship  Sexuality

Just another unimportant person telling a crappy story on a minor website. I know this peobably wont get accepted, but im typing this for my benefit. Not for your "entertainment". Anyway, I never had real friends. I wanted them, but could never get them. People just seem to dislike me. A doctor once told me I had aspergers because I was so quiet and antisocial. He was probably wrong. I realized I was gay, and had a crush on this gay guy. I asked him out and was rejected. This crushed me pretty badly. My coming out on facebook only got a few likes. I was addicted to cutting 2 months ago. Now I cant take off my shirt because I have so many scars. This is for the rest of my life. Im thinking of starting cutting again, because its the only thing that makes me feel happy anymore. I am ugly and fat, even though im not overweight. I tried to kill myself a couple months ago, but failed badly. It was a serious attempt. Now my parents wont let me do anything and I have to go to doctors and take meds. This is my fault. I just wish I could restart my life, or maybe begin life as a new person. I know that I will grow up to be a lonely loser, and I do not regret trying to kill myself. I know im not as bad as other people on this site, but I need to vent. Sorry for wasting your time.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 26,Sep,11 18:02

Being a gay teen is difficult, even in a time when people are becoming more accepting. There are support groups and places you can go (I hope) in your area for gay and lesbian teens. Remember, though, that straight guys get rejected by girls on a regular basis, too. It's not uncommon for the people we are attracted to, to not reciprocate our feelings.

I hope you will hang in there and work toward a better, happier life for yourself. The teenage years are so difficult for most people, but it can and does get better, if you keep your head up and tell yourself positive things. Try not to send yourself hate messages in your thoughts--that works against you. Force yourself stop when you catch yourself doing it. Say good things to yourself (in your head, if you like :)) every day. Our thoughts have a powerful influence on our body. You are worthy of love. You deserve love. You will love and be loved.

Everyone has struggles. Keep fighting the fight and find a way to become the person you want to be and have a good life.

Exercise not only improves our health and our appearance, but it releases endorphins, causing a natural high. Eating healthy, exercising your body, learning new things, getting plenty of sleep--all these things help work toward making you a healthy person, in mind and body. The better you feel and look, the more confident and attractive you will be to others. Have goals to work toward--make plans for your future.

There are lots of books out there on every topic in the world and plenty of information to search out online, too. Read, read, read to find out the answers you are looking for.

You might not think people care about you but, believe me, if you were gone, there would be people who would cry and be sad. Your parents' hearts would be broken and their lives would never be right again.

Some day, you may be able to help others get through their tough times, because of the valuable lessons you've learned through your struggles.

Peace and love to you, JG.

By anonymous at 27,Sep,11 11:04

I don't like faggots.
By at 09,Oct,11 23:41

a faggot is a bundle of sticks you stuck up ,fucked in the head cunt how dare you say that when this poor guy is telling ppl this, you inconsiderate fuck. Grow some balls and manners you arsehole.
By at 09,Oct,11 23:45 Fold Up

What the fuck is your problem?! As if you just fucking say that, you have no idea what people go through! It's not his fault he's gay but if you go calling people faggots no one will like you, you fucking narcassistic cunt! Go fuck yourself, it's not like you have anything better to do.

xx your sincerely c: Tawny
By anonymous at 15,Oct,11 04:40

As much as the above commentee is a complete jerk for posting that... does calling him/her a "narcassistic cunt" really make you look very caring? The above anonymous definitely needs help but your pooling yourself with him/her.
By at 19,Oct,11 20:43

the comment was put towards the poster of the i don't like f****ts i'm gay and i hate poeple that use the words faggots or fag with a pasion. thatwhy we said these things
By anonymous at 30,Jan,12 18:50 Fold Up

Saying that he's pooling with him/her is just like saying that because you wear baggy clothing, your pooling with the gangster crowd. Quit generalizing reactions and close your mouth. And quit acting like your better than them. You'd react less than sociably too if someone insulted someone you could see eye to eye with.
By at 23,Apr,12 23:58

i know im not better than them i know there human soo shut up i was just saying someone shares this with ppl and someone put thats up is really fucking dumb u dont what its like soo get off my fucking case
By anonymous at 03,Aug,13 23:08

''Self love is not so vile a sin as self neglegence'' Shakespeare-Twelfth Night.

You,my fair sir,are huge fucking hypocrite.

By anonymous at 02,Oct,11 00:41

Hey friend,
I have been through similar things in life such as loneliness and dealing with being gay, but it does get better, believe it. I found love in my life and although I don't have many friends, things have gotten better over time. But they aren't going to get better if you don't allow them to. So put down the knife, join a club, or a start slow by talking to people online. I care about you, really, and I wish you the best in life.

By anonymous at 17,Oct,11 06:17

you should keep cutting yourself it sounds fun and will pass the time when you can't find a dick to suck
By at 19,Oct,11 20:44

wat the hell he could kill himself

By anonymous at 30,Nov,11 18:54

dont give up please!!! lifes a struggle im only 18 life gets better!! i know how you feel trust me!

By anonymous at 11,Jan,12 09:29

Jesus loves you and your life is his, never yours. Just call his name when you need him, remember that.

By anonymous at 03,Jun,12 23:05

i've been diagnosed with aspergers

i've tried to kill myself

i'm bisexual aswell

i went through a long stage of depression. i would bang my head against walls as hard as i could. but life can be like a long tunnel that would take you days to get out of. at night you might lose sight of the light but you have to keep going even when you lose all motivation just keep going. stay in the game. if i can do it you can.

By consciousc at 08,Dec,12 17:17

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