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Life sucks!

Posted by anonymous at August 18, 2011
Tags: Anxiety  2011 August  Juvenile problems

i'm a boy of 16, pretty young to say that MY LIFE SUCKS FUCKING HARD
i'm having a decease, i have a phobia of the outside world, never had a gf, never had sexual experience, no hugs or kisses, i'm not the best looking or baddest looking, i think ill die as a virgin, i don't wanna wham some whore/slut
i just jack off everytime i'm alone
due to my decease i can't get a job so no money
i have like 0-1 zero friends, the only thing i do is stuck at my computer chair like glue..
at school i'm a loner, people bully me, think that i'm a weirdo, and i don't belong to anywhere
don't get me wrong i look normall like anyone but i feel that i'm just different
i don't realy have a close bond with family so i can't realy rely on them
i suck at school, suck at everything, i have no talents, life sucks without
having a gf, i fail, you think this is nothing but when you would stand inside my shoes you would understand
the world is hell,
ive done self harm, ive been controlled by people they used me
i smoke swishers overdose it till i can't even stand up and faint
i always stay at home, doing nothing and thinking about it's the same day again
how long with this keep on going?
i have depressions almost everyday, when bed time i can't sleep becouse there is too much going on, i cry like a whimpy kid to sleep, and when i sleep i hope i never wake up becouse in my dreams it's my wonderland where I CAN MAKE THINGS HAPPEN


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By anonymous at 09,Oct,11 03:54

yeah...i think i can relate a girl and as of your age.i used to be like that...anti social,never had a bf,negative thinker and kinda weird..but now things are little better..i think....well as of now im trying to convince myself that everything's gonna be alright..i must face people to overcome this great fear i had in me for a long time........that's life in order to survive one must adapt to its environment..:D

By anonymous at 09,Oct,11 14:46

Apart from the whole introversion problem you sound like every other 16 year old teenager. I don't want to offend you, but you are still just a kid, your days are supposed to be like that, I mean what else can you do? It's not like you have a job and make lots of cash so as to go and do things that cost money. However, not having any friends is a problem, I'm an introvert too, but older than you are, there really is no solution to this problem other than to do nothing until you get absolutely fed up and in the process become motivated to change. If you have motivation to change, you can! And as far as girls go... You are just 16! since when is it NORMAL for a 16 year old to be sexually active? It's not, in fact it's abnormal. You are only allowed to complain about this if you are still a virgin when you hit 20 :).

You have to face your fears to defeat it, or do nothing and live with them, these are the only two options.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 00:14

Wow this is just like every other whiny bitch post on this site.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 16:38

You can do something, it looks like you have a lot of time using your computer, try to practice some software skills like photoshop, autodesk, ms office, video editing etc or programming. Spare your time learning these software and itll help you someday.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 20:34

O.K., It's time out go out on a limb, take a chance. I'm sure you come into contact with people everyday. Try to use a little humor to get the attention of people. You don't have to step out of your zone, just make clever remarks about whatever situation you're in. Nothing bonds people quicker than a little humor, you don't have to be Robin Williams, but I'll bet you have a pretty sharp outlook from being so shy and quiet. People like to be entertained, you'll seem like a regular guy and win people over easily. Try it, you'll feel like a different person, too.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 22:22

dude, you're only 16. try having those symptoms at an older age. you have more time and more opportunities than you think.

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 08:16

i can relate to you dude...i think you still have time maybe vyour life sucks because theres a light at the end of that tunnel and you dont even know it

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 17:09

Dont WAIT for better future. ACT NOW

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 22:06

I'm pretty similar but a girl, I self harm, once my mum found out And took the mick, I couldn't believe it it Made me..feel even fuckibg.worse and she still brings it up sometimes and laughs, does she haveany idea how I fucking feel!.talk tome sometime

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 22:18

welcome to the 16 yr old's typical life.

By anonymous at 17,Oct,11 02:40

Dude I'm 24 I'm a virgin and still haven't gotten my first kiss. Just burst your bubble and start talking to ppl. Try and make friends and don't do drugs. Email me if u ever wanna talk :

By anonymous at 18,Oct,11 11:37

don't buy in to the Hollywood norm. it's not a rule that you have to have a gf at 16 or be sexually active or get a job. like what the others said find your comfort zone and start reaching out to people with the same interest. you must like other things keep yourself occupied so you wont dwell in sadness.

By anonymous at 18,Oct,11 13:08

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By anonymous at 18,Oct,11 14:28

live your life on your own rythm. i'm not very social too. search for how life can work for YOU, not the 20 other kids in your class, not the kids in dumb tv series. i don't know how to explain this but something that used to hold me from being social was that i always thought i could read people's mind and they were always thinking very bad stuff about me. i can't read peoples minds. so i shouldn't suppose they think bad.
and now people tell me they like the way i do everything my own way. they like me for being myself. and other people can't stand me cuz i am myself but they are just too retarded to understand it all XD

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By Lenna at 25,May,16 00:59

I love your photos. They are always so scenic and gorgeous. Wanthsgion looks like a wonderful place to live in. If it isn't very cold, I should move up there!

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