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unexplainable life of agony

Posted by teenage kid at August 18, 2011
Tags: Anger  2011 August  Family  Juvenile problems

J'ai quinze (15) ans (years) My whole life my mother's lied to me about everything
(literally) Ive gotten so frustrated angered and depressed my whole life that i have outbursts of uncontrollable rage; broke 2 of my phones, 2 my laptops and my ipod over last 5 months. Plus ive barely talked 2 my father my whole life eventhough we live in the same house (my parents are together without problems), only tym i eve talk 2 him is when he lectures me.
Im introvert but im smart, especially in math, physics and i program computers.
been wanting to kill myself last 12 months and my mother still doesn't listen 2 anything I say, takes me like a joke.
on top of that because my mum is unemployed and my dad only has $50k in his account, and i hav 2 brothers, my plans 2 go 2 mit or cornell, and escape this life are over. gonna hav 2 endure hell for the rest of my life.
Hated both my parents since i was 10 and still hav 3 more years of looking at their faces


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By anonymous at 09,Oct,11 14:39

Well if you got through five years somehow, you can surely last three more. It's a terrifying thought and three years seem like a long time, but just take it a day at a time and you will get there. Besides, you didn't mention that you parents beat you or lock you up in a dark cellar for a month or something. The problem is probably in communication. I can't give precise advice on what to do, because I don't know the exact circumstances, but my bet is that both your parents and you are to blame, and both parties would like to fix this too. Communication is the key. Good luck.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 20:29

I agree that life sucks but why are you breaking your stuff? That's not smart.

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 11:41

Your dad only has $50,000? Oh, you poor thing!

By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 22:39

You should try to steal some of that 50k and go buy a bunch of crack and smoke it!

By anonymous at 12,Oct,11 15:45

50k is a lot of money these days you clueless fucking brat.

By anonymous at 12,Oct,11 16:10

This is stupid, get a life bitch.

By at 12,Oct,11 19:17

Hey Kid,

Life sux!!! It gets better when you are old enough to get the hell out. Just keep your brains on and don't fuck up your life because you hate them. Then you are just fucking yourself up. So hang in there it gets better if you keep your head straight

By Mister B-Don at 12,Oct,11 19:23

You hate your parents? Tough Shit the way it goes kid. At least you have both your parents supporting your spoiled ass. My so called parents split when I was like 1. The key to getting back at the people who wronged you is being successful.

By anonymous at 13,Oct,11 16:16

ROFL You've broken more pricey hardware (TWO laptops, TWO phones, and an ipod) than most 15-year old will ever own. Your problems are ALL your own doing, so quit whining. Pathetic.

By anonymous at 16,Oct,11 04:19

Kid spiolt little fuckers like you are why the world sucks if my dad had 50K in his bank account i wouldnt be complaining bout it

By anonymous at 26,Dec,11 07:57

your parents should drown you in the toilet straight after when you were born you ungrateful maggot

By anonymous at 12,Mar,12 22:54

I hope you are ok and I hope you don't pay attention to the idiots calling you a spoiled brat. I have been in the same situation you have in some ways and the only thing that made me not want to hurt somebody was to break something so I would throw these dumbells at my bedroom door everytime I got that angry. First I would tell everyone to get out of the house and go visit friends or something because I didn't want them to see the violence and rage I had in me. My bedroom door ended up with a window in it eventually which I had to cover with a poster for privacy. One day I realized I was too tired too be angry anymore. It was really weird. It literally just happened one day after about 11 years of anger built up because my husband left me with 5 kids and never even told me why he wanted somebody else instead of me. We hadn't fought more than once in 18 years. So to make a long story short, the day I realized I was too tired too be angry anymore I went to the store and got a really nice expensive bedroom door and replaced it, including the frame, which I had never done before and I felt proud of myself and have never been tempted to throw my dumbells at the door again:) It took a long time to put in and it looks really nice. I wish I could tell you when that day will come for you but I think it will. It took me 11 years. I hope it doesnt take you that long. When I let go of all that anger that day, I stopped feeling so exhausted all the time and realized everything that anger had taken from me. Time, wasted energy that I could have spent learning new things, playing with my grandkids, etc. So please don't give up. Realize that the anger you feel only hurts you. The people and things that you are angry about probably could care less and I doubt if your anger hurts them. Think about it k? I'm not judging you at all, I totally understand where you are coming from because I was there for a long time. I was just hoping you could know someone else has been there and one decision on one day gave me back a life worth living. I hope you get yours:)

By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 18:01

you sound like a spoiled little shit.learn some communicatiton skills.

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