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American Dream = Nightmare

Posted by david at August 30, 2011
Tags: 2011 August  Meaninglessness  Poverty

My name is David. i am 26 years old i live in a small town in southwest georgia were there is no jobs and little hope of sucess my family and i are to poor for college and tech school doesnt get u far these days. the town i live in is slowly being overun by mexicans who stare at you like they want you dead. i never had any friends growing up and didnt have a girlfriend until i was 20. she like me was born dirt poor. my father a alcoholic would come home occasionally from his truck driving job to beat us and my mother , through many years he managed to keep it hide. my uncle sued the county works so he literally gave us a bad name round here. my extended family has nothing to do with me or my brother. our county is mainly farmers,farmers and farmers . i have nothing against blue collar workers and i have try many times to get some kind of job but being 4'8 and 145 pounds soaking wet doesnt help. the school i attended was horrible basically the guy with a big jacked up truck got the most pussy and being poor i got none of that. i wasnt a goth or nerd i was just broke and it showed. i wasnt bullied or beat up . it was more like they just ignored me totally like i wasnt here....i have felt this way for most of my life .. the only chance i had to get out of here was in 9th grade were in french class (which was mandatory to take some kind of languge) i made a 100 and had the chance to go to france ..but was beaten by a jock who got a 101 yeah it was total bullshit... i know live in a cottage on a dirt road with my girlfirend and we barely make it .. i often think that she will leave me cause of the circumstanes... i watch as yeaR AFTER YEAR I SIT AND GET OLDER NOT ADVANCING ANY WAY IN LIFE ...SEEMS POINTLESS ..


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