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Am I a bad apple?

Posted by Monica at September 3, 2011
Tags: Crime  2011 September

I have in and out of JV for theift and and other offenses. I am in court ans sometimes it ends being strike 3 then back to JV ,I go. I given a chance to straghten up but it is one crime after another and I fear one dy I will end up in prision and I have what goes on there. I sound very scarey. I need to break away from a life of crime or it wil kill me before I get out of jail or I wil being leaving in a body bag. Am I a bsad apple or do I have choice to break the habit of crime? I must stop or I will never have a life.


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New Comment

By trollmann at 31,Oct,11 02:03

you dont have a life. go 2 hell boy.

By anonymous at 31,Oct,11 07:02

It is only upto you to save your life. Is it possible for you to move away. Not hang out with friends who are criminals. You still have a shot at saving your life. Find the strength

By anonymous at 14,Dec,11 13:52

You do have a choice, no matter how much it may seem you don't. It
Sounds like you may need help in figuring out where this behavior is coming from, and you aren't going to find that help in juvie.

There are lots of programs out there to help children and young adults get the help they need - and if its not a mental health issue but you happen to suffer from a lack of resources there are even places out there to help you with that. The job corps, for one, can teach you real life skills, help you create a future for yourself and build positive relationships. For those that may be in a situation where "home" may mean being surrounded by bad influences, drugs, crime, gangs, etc. The job corps can help.

Even locally there are youth group organizations out there who want to help. The first step is asking for it, and it sounds like you've take that step. Good luck to you.

By Monica at 22,Dec,11 00:13

I did ge tthe help but my life still as not turned around and I find thinking about commiting anothe rcrime but something stops me. I don't know if I los tmy nerve or the fear of getting cuaght. I am tring to keep myself out of JV becuase I have ben there one too many times. No that I am 18 I could end up in jail or prison and those places sound very scary to e. I need some beeter help and the Job corp is not an option what happen to one girl that was in there. She ended up dead.

By Monica at 24,Feb,12 02:19

I hae done something Have to the YMCA. The foks are helping me and it keepsf the stretts. I had alos been rpaed by who may have AIDS. I haveben getting test for thre last wo omnthes and they are ll negitive I just hat all my tests stay that way I am afraid tha the next will come up positive for HIV. I am so scared. No one to halp on the the possiblity that one the tst will say I have HIV but the all have been negitive so far. I am terrorfied. Some help meease my fears of getting HIV. I am so scared!

By Monica at 27,Feb,12 20:44

I have just that I am nie six months pregnent and I kniow it is the man's who raped mebaby. I decided to get a physical when I went in for another HIV test. It was negitive. I was felling every morning and that is when I decide to get physical I am being sent to a place where pregenet women when they no place else to go. My parents have disownwed me. Due the life of crime. I not going to get an abortion. I don't I could live with that guilt. I will raise this baby tomthe best of my ability and I know the the gender of the baby it is a girl. I hae of having a girl but I never want like this but my dream has come true and if the next HIV says it is negitive the nthe baby will not have HIV. And there is 90% chnace that if the baby doesn't have I will not hav it ever. I am very hopful. I goigng to break this life of for my baby'sake.

By Monica at 05,Mar,12 19:34

The nex Hiv was negitive and the baby will not have it and I now I will not have and I am now releaved. All the fear is gone and I know I will be able to live my life for my child. I have picked a nme for my baby and it will called Hope. That would fit with my life is the women that work a the place I am in now are nice and they are helping me and they also help the other first mothers as well. I lov my life with some to relax myself and take better care od myself.

By Monica at 01,May,12 14:15

I have had my baby girl. Inamed her Hope Maricle my last is Davidson and I gave my last name. I have walked away fro my life of crime becuase I am a mother now. I love Hope too much to got to jail and there be no one to thake care of her if I am in jail. My mother came and visited me when i had Hope and I told that this her grandduaghter. My mother is so proud to be grand mother and me her have repaired our relationship. My life will improve

By Minca at 09,May,12 01:05

Have job and place to live a tleast I have roof over my head and it is rental I am suprised that it does not have any roaches. everyother rental had roaches some apartments had mobile homes in mobile home parks had them. Even some houses had them. The house the woman said that she had it fumigated and the exterminators comes and does the work. every two mo ths he came after i had move in he told me and the baby go out for awhile. I need to get a car. I have the seat for the baby but no car for it. My want to take her old car. I may do that. at lest I would nee to woory about payments.

By Monica at 06,Jun,12 17:57

I took my mother's old car what peice of junk. Have spent a fortune on that car. it time to get new or used car that is not such bad shape and will run my bank account dry. the brakes are bad and the transmission is act funny . it like it is out and then after awhile it drops in. I have found a nice used car and it is priced with in my budget. it a 94 Goe Prizim. I get esecelent milage. I could drive Atlanta and back again and and be shade under full. I will buy that car and it is four door car and four cylinder I don't need too much power. It is good condition. Not a mrk on the clear coat and very clean.

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