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The topic says it all, true stories btw.

Posted by Sad Face at February 23, 2010
Tags: Family  2010 February  Juvenile problems  Relationship  Religion

I'm 14, Australian, Play rugby for my school, i am friends with all the popular kids, i go to a private school Thats the good part
Depressing Shit:
-Parents: Money making whores, they dont have time for me, and my brother is the favourite, my dad likes to take a stab at me because he is the paranoid sensitive fuck over the tinniest things, my mum is a fucking tag team with my brother in an arguement, generosity is nothing for me, i barely even experienced it, brithdays forgetten, presents, attention etc. Mum is a bitch dad is an old bully

-Brother: He is 10 and a massive douchebag, he steals my money and so i elbow him to the head, he goes to hospital and then i go to juvie for 2 weeks, this was 2 years ago. He shoots me in the fucking head with my air rifle i own and so i shoot him a couple times and then i go to a mental health phyciatrist(wtf) shouldnt it be my retarded brother going there? He trash talks and when i TRASH TALKS parents actually ground me. I dont think i need to explain anymore

-Pernsonal Bullshit: I am not a virgin i have had about 2 sluts(i call them sluts now because i hate them) that dumped me because the rugby jock was better? (lmao) he was so dumb he could tell his left foot from his right.I always forget something before i go to school everyday, assignment, homework, PE etc and then i get barked at later. People insult me when i ask or answer something wrong??? Wtf happend to 'There is no such thing as a dumb question'. I had A.D.D when i was young and now i am calmer and can control myself yet i am still hated for what i have done in the past? I get put down everyday.

Religion: The one i hate the most of all, i am a not non-believer is god was real? Why did he make, diesese, poorness, parasites, chosen ones. God is mother of all fake figures used to brainwash people, oh yeah like he even insinuates in the bible 'If you do not believe in god you rot in hell for eternity'. 'Gods love is a different kind of love' Is also bullshit, he loves to shit back and let people die, he loves to sit back an watch kids suffer, he loves to sit back and watch his demented creations serve as a sign to his more important belivers. God is not real. Biggest hypocrite, if he wanted people to believe him, why doesnt he make make them? He is a bigger retard than the rugby jock/James Krouse sorry i had to throw your name out there lol.

Life Sucks.


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New Comment

By anonymousWoman at 23,Feb,10 17:09

First of all, God did not make dieases, poorness, chosen ones etc. Thank Adam and Eve for that. It's the people HERE that make life a living hell for others. Sometimes dieases are just very unfortunate, but there are SOME that we can control, for instance, when you got people who don't practice self control and spread AIDs and Herpes.You can't blame God for that, can you?

Why would God want to make us believe in him? our belief would be for the wrong reasons. He doesnt want robots, he wants his own creation that he loves so dearly to believe in him, trust him and love him by our FREE will. What would be the point in giving us freedom if he MADE us believe in him? There will ALWAYS be things about God and his decisions that we will NEVER understand, but don't put all the blame on him. Humans need to take responsibilities for their actions.

I understand that you are going through a tough time at home, if youre parents arent being fair with you, then perhaps maybe you should talk to the councilors at school and tell them about your problems. Maybe you need to be taken away and put into a shelter if your parents arent going to raise you right instead of bullying you and playing favorites. Schools are very nosey and they should take control once they find out. I think punishing you and not your brother is ridiculous. How is he suppose to grow up right if his parents keep letting him get away with everything.

I would also try writing a letter to your famliy, leave it on the dining table for them to see and just write your heart out. sometimes letters will do the trick, maybe not, but it is worth a try. Explain everything that you just explained to us but leave out all those offensive names.

By anonymous at 30,Mar,11 17:23

hey sad face, dude i know how you feel. i live in zimbabwe and its a shitty place. im also a.d.d and i share most of your problems. do you think about life and death??? like i do? i just want you to knowcyour not the only one out there.

oh yeah to anonamous woman
fuck you. why dont you go get molested by your priest.
come on you honestly belive that the fitst humans were made from clay???
to be honest i envy you

By Adobe OEM Software at 08,Mar,12 11:51

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By Andrea at 13,Sep,12 17:22

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