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My life sucks the hardest, so I win.

Posted by anonymous at February 23, 2010
Tags: 2010 February  General

- 23 year old male in a corrupt, depressing, miserable Northeastern state.
- Obese, but not imminent-death obese like I used to be. Thank Atkins.
- Only living family: severely demented grandfather that I have to care for, and an immature, selfish, lazy, alcoholic cunt of a mother.
- Mom divorced Dad when I was 8, because he wasn't fucking her enough. Winds up getting this broke Italian Catholic asshole with three delinquent kids to move in with us. He probably cost our family about $200000 in the 6 years my mom was "in love" with him. He absolutely hated me for not coming out of his dick, and also not being baptized.
- Watched father die at age of 13 from advanced throat cancer.
- Shortly after, rest of father's family turned their backs on me for not attending former stepbrother's wedding with 2 weeks notice. I was across the country, with no money, and they offered no assistance.
- Fell in love 3 times: each time, the girl used me to get to one of my friends. Lose both friend and girl, and get ridiculed for months, even years afterward.
- Had an abusive stepdad (mentioned above) from 8 to 15 who would threaten to have me put away, lie to get my mom on his side. This would usually be over something like the leaves not getting raked every six hours, or the dishes not getting dried to his liking. Right after things hit the fan between him and my mom, Dad promised to get me out of the house. His cancer came back the next week and he died three weeks later.
- SD also did not allow me to have friends call / come over, and let me know that I wasn't dating material, and to not even try. Ten years later, I can count the number of dates I've had on my fingers. I've had sex a total of 3 times with girls even fatter than me.
- No real hobbies or interests other than weed and porn. I've got a Bachelors degree and a few talents that I don't bother using out of spite, anger and laziness.
- After mom and SD split up (since SD failed to mention he owed the IRS over $50000), we flew out to live with her Nam shell-shocked first husband, who tried killing himself about 4 times in the year we were out there. She was always gone, so I was the one who had to call 911. I was around 14-15.
- Went to college away from home and had a mental breakdown. Wound up the pariah of the campus and dropped out after two years.
- Next college experience was at a commuter school. No friends, no dates. Weed usage nearly tripled until I graduated with a 3.2 (college truly is bullshit).
- The last job I had was at a call center for $8.50. I thank god I got laid off since I started hanging up on every spoiled asshole who called in to scream at me like a slave over their $17 t shirt not getting to them the day after they ordered it. That was about 1 out of every 3 calls.
- I hang out with 40-somethings I knew from a job I had every two weeks for a poker game. They're drunks, addicts and really fucked people. They're my only social connections. I don't even know most of their names, or really care to learn for that matter.
- My mom seems to think that I should work for her for free on this bullshit little art website she's on. This is her third attempt at this in 5 years, usually with a net loss of about $10000. It doesn't matter, she got power of attorney over my grandfather so she can just spend his money up. Originally, I was supposed to get about $150000 for an inheritance. I'll just be happy if when my mom finally drinks enough to either down a bottle of pills (as she loves to threaten to do when things don't just go her way) or choke on her own puke, she won't leave me with debt.
- Even the therapist I see once a week looks at me like, "Shit. Sucks to be you."


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By anonymous at 24,Feb,10 02:54

For whatever it matters, I can relate to some of your points and feel like you are an articulate, likeable person. step-parents are the Worst! Oh yeah, call center jobs bite I do the same work myself, people just seem to want what they want when they want it and don't care how rude or offensive they can get. Can you use your degree anyhow? Don't let the weight get you down, I think you are funny and cool and that is what really matters.

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