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Welcome to Hell

Posted by Trainwreck at October 3, 2011
Tags: Mistakes  2011 October

So I had this bright idea three years ago to quit my job, sell my house and start over and live a live of "adventure". Be careful what you wish for. The day I turned 40 I found out that I got a job as a flight attendant (which was my DREAM since I was a little girl.) and not long after that, found out I would be based in San Francisco. Life was so awesome!! So full of adventure and promise.

Three years later the following has happened:

* quit my flight attendant job because I met the "man of my dreams" who turned out to be an abusive sexual deviant
* I'm now working for $12/hour for the cheapest asshole pretty much doing his job for him but I'm so "thankful" that I have a job in this economy
* My 15 year old has attempted suicide twice in the past 2 months and smokes pot daily
* I'm under investigation for child abuse due to false allegations from my psycho ex and ex husband
* I have numerous courtdates to look forward to
* I just mailed my rent check even though I'm short by about $500 in the bank
* I'm broke
* Bills piling up
* My 22 year old sits on her ass all day and stares at her own Facebook pictures with no plans on getting a job or helping out around the house
* I have no friends
* I live in LA

It doesn't get any better than this! This is the life of adventure alright!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Nov,11 20:02

Never ever give up your dreams to be with a man, did he marry you, put a ring on your finger? No, then hell no! Men always appear great in the beginning then you find out they're assholes. All men are assholes!
By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 18:24

Rings totally make them not assholes- or at least if they are assholes it would be WAY harder to leave them

By anonymous at 22,Nov,11 15:18

Now hold on just a minute. NOT all men are assholes. On the flip side, men like to say that all women are heartless bitches or whatever, which I'm sure is not the case (at least I hope). I am a male, just so you know.

So you met a guy that you thought was the one, and it turned out he wast, but there are billions of men on this planet, and that was just one of them. Don't give up on us OK :) ?

I might be wrong here, and if so, ignore this paragraph, but let me guess: the man you fell for was very self confident, maybe even slightly arrogant, manly, good looking, experienced with women, he promised you the world, and you didn't have a very long period of time to evaluate him, as your relationship was moving forward pretty quick. We are biologically programed to like certain type of people, and for women, I believe, the problem is that you often fall for what we men refer to as "dickheads". You should try again, but this time use your feelings AND your logic. Dating a nice guy might not seem (or in fact be) as exciting as someone who is much more wild, but if you want a stable relationship, "wild" is not the most desirable characteristic of a man. Anyways, that's just my 2 cents...

By anonymous at 23,Nov,11 07:06

yes ur life is full of adventure.

By anonymous at 23,Nov,11 23:19

You 22 year old should be living on her own not leaching off of you!

By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 03:03

Why dont you tell her to get a job and help you with rent and bills or GET OUT ...if you dont do that than it's pretty much YOUR fault and you shouldn't be complaining..get a job orget out..that simple..

By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 14:36

if she sits on her ass all day and stares at her face book pictures,well,who's fault is that? YOURS..! Why? Because YOU pay for the internet or cell phone service!!and allow her to use it FOR FREE!! so DON'T complain! The1PERSON to blame is YOU n only U!

By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 20:06

Yes.. Tell her to pony up some dough or get out..!! And stay out!! Simple as that. You have bills piling up & are short on your rent,what is it gona take 4 you to realize that she HAS TO GET A JOB??! Mothers like u must like to strugle..

By anonymous at 25,Nov,11 21:36

Your post is coherent, spelling and grammar is fine, and you pretty much come across as smart and funny. I'm sorry about your life suckage, I feel your pain re: having to do the shit jobs and smile in this economy, but you're the most likable person on this site so that must count for something, right?

By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 08:52

How the hell did you get a job as a flight attendant at age 40? Why do they hire such old worn out bags of luggage?

By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 21:48

Not nice..but funny..very funny..

By anonymous at 02,Feb,12 10:01

Don't feel bad. I did much the same thing. Sold the condo (at a nice profit) quit the (good paying easy) job and moved to Arizona for an adventure.

When I got there I found a crappy job market and crashed real estate market. And crappy people too. I'd kill to live in L.A. again.

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