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Murder, raped, robbed, abused as child, almost killed

Posted by depressed bitch at October 8, 2011
Tags: General  2011 October

All of that I experienced since I came into this hellhole of a world. I was abused when I was a kid by an older neighbor who wanted someone to rape, so raped me. Then he brought his buddies over so they could all take turns raping me, I was only 13. Then at 16 someone raped me and left me for dead, I was in a coma for months. He beat me so bad I almost died. I was robbed on the street as well as on public transportation coming home from work at leasr 8 or 9 times. The worst thing that ever happened to me though was when my son was murdered. The grief never ends and has changed my life forever.


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By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 16:24

I agree with you,this world is a FUCKEN HELL HOLE with only one way --> out, DEATH.. FUCK this world!
By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 22:41


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