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Life sucks

Posted by Suckme at October 10, 2011
Tags: Anxiety  Health  2011 October

I'm twenty years old. I never had no girlfriend. I suffer from somatoform dystonia, obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and depression. There is no doctor or medicine that would help me. Psychiatrists are baffled. I suffer for their high IQ. Due to illness I have lost almost all my friends. I hate my father. I see no sense in my life. I experience just boredom, suffering and anxiety. I have no emotions, just anxiety.


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By anonymous at 27,Nov,11 23:46

Find a way to be happy. force yourself to be happy. i still deal with this shit. i try to do things that i like whenever i can even when i dont want to. i just got a ipod and i use it when i go jogging. jogging might help you if you get better. i hope you find some people that will care for you. they are getting harder to find these days. play video games to stop thinking about things. i dont really like them but it is hard to think of things when you are playing. look up how to overcome your mind and thoughts because you cant control the thoughts that come in your head a lot of the time but you can control what you say and your actions and this is what people see. its hard to remember its hard to remember we're alive for the first time its hard to remember its hard to remember we're alive for the last time-modest mouse

By anonymous at 28,Nov,11 00:43

you are just at a very complicated age, as you have just began your life as an adult

By anonymous at 28,Nov,11 17:02

I am 20 too, and I have a personality disorder called, anxious-depressive disorder, I am actually feeling the same as you furthermore, I am bulimic,self-injury....
I have no relationship with my parents although I am still living with them...
I am Spanish..I hate my country...(Spanish people, Spanish Tv, ........I have all the stuff related to Spain)..
I also hate myself for not being able to speak English properly.........

By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 00:09

It is a disease it sucks I have mind diseases also. I go mu=minute to minute. [PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ITS A DISEASE!!

By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 14:12

Your screwed...

By Men's Air Shox R4 at 03,Jan,15 07:09


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