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Why me

Posted by Outcast at October 13, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Loneliness  2011 October

Ok so I am 21 no friends, no girls as normal friends forget about girl friends,. Never even touched a girl, forget about kissing and sex is a dream. People don't want to be around me because I am skinny eyes crossed and so unpopular. No job cant get one even at Mcdonalds, parents totally don't understand anything I say. Forced to be a nerd. Somehow people don't consider my problems. If I want something I have to fight for it but still I end up losing. Totally suck at sport, have poor hand eye coordination can't even catch a ball. Parent aren't devorced but they always fight.Abused by older brother when I was young. Bullied 7 years in school until I was 17. People make fun of me all the time. Thought of comiting suicide many times but don't have the guts to do it. To top it up plam readers and religious people always say that I am gifted, I guess this is my gift, being treated like shit.Life sucks to the max


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By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 08:58

Let me tell you something.Im 16 and Im exactly like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 10:08

we're not so different

By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 13:40

Ok now that you looked at all your bad stuff ,,, what good things do you have ?

Don't say you don't have any !

Are you alive ?
Do you live in a home and not on the street ?

Look at the most simplest thing you have and be grateful !
The reason why your not happy is your looking at all the negative things and negative thinking = toxic

You have a purpose in life that is why you are born .
Have you taken the time to thank God for what you do have ?
Ask God what do you want me to do lord ..
God will help you if you help yourself ..
Read the bible and learn who God is learn why Jesus came to this earth .. Jesus did not come here to meet girls and friends he came to die on the cross so that you an have eternal life .

God loves you and wants you to lean on him and not on yourself ..

What is your desire in life ?
To please yourself ?
To please God ?

You have 2 choices in life pick up the cross and live your life threw Jesus or you do whatever you want .

Have you thought about joining the air force or navy ?

This will give you a chance to get out of the house and to meet new people and yes maybe even a g/f .

Who knows , but your thinking needs to change and only God can fill your soul with the holy Spirit that gives you inner strength that when bad things happen you have peace because God is with you as God is with you when good things happen .

Seek God and your life will change
Get a book called ..
" Battlefield Of the Mind " by Joyce Meyer
Her website is
If you really want change then read the book if not then ..
Go feel sorry for yourself the rest of your life .

Your choice

By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 17:42

kill yourself
By anonymous at 30,Nov,11 19:26

You are the biggest fucking asshole in the entire world, and you are the EXACT reason that people write on this site at all... because you open your fucking mouth and say thigns like "kill yourself"


By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 20:52

There is soooo many people in this world that have it so much worst then you. Think of the mormo boys that have to suck a **** in order to survive.They will never get a jastes.

By anonymous at 29,Nov,11 21:29

Life sucks and then you die. :/

I know your pain.

By anonymous at 30,Nov,11 08:25

Dude ur a teen and dwelling over nothing, there is no greater pain in the world then loosing ur mom. Nothing else can b worst. Don't let no one pick on u. They r human just like u, not better than u. Life is short, don't dwell on stupid little things. Every thing has a solution, except death.

By anonymous at 07,Dec,11 21:46

Shut up! And read the bible!

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