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Our World Our Country Made Us depressed.

Posted by michelle.p at October 21, 2011
Tags: Money  2011 October

Sadly for me I found out what dperession was over 20yrs ago, I have always tried to stop it from taking over my life, and up until 5yrs ago I was winning the battle. Since I was child I have always had issues! but have'nt we all, I suffered from eating disorders coursed by situations I came across in life, Only thing that ever kept me going was the availability to work, we could pick and choice almost were we wanted to work and whom we wanted to work for! I was always able to turn a bad situation around, I was never unemployed I even moved over 200miles away from my friends and family to be able to have a good job and better life, I have worked from the age of 15yrs up till i fell pregnant at the age of 37yrs old 22yrs without ever being unemployed and without handouts from our so called goverment, I am now 44yrs old with a 9yr old little girl, in the past 5yrs I have lost everything, my daughter was 3yrs old when I lost my beautiful home,I had to give most of my things I had worked so hard for away, or leave them in the street, we were put into a b+b by the council 16wks there, then into an hostile,I had a room with nothing in it and nothing to put in it, whilst I was there I was badly sexualy assulted which ended up taking a yr in crown court, Now I live on £78.00wk It goes much deeper than you can imagin, but the only thing that hurts the most is what my country has {not} done for me, It would not be politicaly correct to look after your own, Since my attact i have not been able to leave my home without starting to panic, sweat, and shake, and what do the goverment do to me? why stop the money of a single mum who has paid her due's??? they take from there own and give to stranger's? as it is writen, MAN WILL DESTROY MAN


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New Comment

By anonymous at 05,Dec,11 03:02

Fight, my love, fight. Take your anger and use it for good. Even if you lose, even if nothing changes, you will be on the side of good and righteousness, which will give your life more meaning than you can imagine.
I would give anything to have a child to love; I have a good job, nice friends, and a nice life, but no child to adore and cherish. Yes, no money and no job sucks, definitely. But time spent with your child, just talking or playing or telling stories is far more valuable than anthing else. You have someone who loves you more than anyone or anything else. Refuse to let circumstance make you vulernable to despair. Fuck the bastards. If you succumb to misery, they have won.

By anonymous at 17,Dec,11 09:47

today is a new day you cant change the past the furtuure is not here yet so just enjoy today this hr this min it is yours to have and hold and enjoy I am truly sorry about the thing that happen to you in the past and that was bad but it is over with now and what is done is done you can let it ruen the rest of you live live a new life a new day you can choose to be happy or be sad make today a better day make some one else happy and see how fast it come back to you Now I got something that might help you out a little please go to this web site it free and they pay daily you can earn 200 to 500+ a day every day If you whatch the video I will be intouch with you please watch the video it will explain every thing go to

thank you and God Bless take care and smile it look good on you Joe

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