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Posted by anonymous at October 22, 2011
Tags: Money  2011 October  Relationship

I'm 19 with a 10 month old son. My partner has done hardly anything to help with looking after him, is too lazy to get up and look for a job so he just stays up all night playing xbox and smoking weed. He doesn't tidy up after himself or do anything around the house. I've had no support from him at all he abandoned me when the baby was born. He's snappy and calls me names, smashed 9 phones up in 10 months, always thretening to smash stuff when he's angry. He won't let me go out to get a job because he doesn't want the baby to go into nursery with strangers which I understand but he won't look after him to let me work. We are currently on benefits which I hate but he doesn't seem to care, we've gone weeks without money before because he's been to lazy to contact the jobcenter, we never have any money but he always finds money to buy weed. Plenty of times been stuck in the situation with no money and no food and even no baby milk but that still doesn't inspire him to look after us. I'm stuck in most of the time becasue I have no money to go out or for the bus to meet people and no one makes the effort to come and see me. We are constantly arguing and I don't love him but he refuses to leave and miss out on our son growing up even though I told him we could have joint custody. My mum lives on the otherside of the country and my dad isn't the sort of person I can turn to. It feels like the happy teenager I used to be is dead and now I really hate my life! I'd be so much happier if it was just me and my son and he was out the picture.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Dec,11 11:48

Let me tell you like this. GET OUT! you are still very young, you have so much more to offer your son than he does. If you do not love him, it should be simple. Is there a way that you can go and stay with your mom? Is the apartment yours to where you can kick his ass out? Are there shelters for women with children? If you do not make plans now, it will only get harder. He is only hurting you and your son, a man who can give a shit about if you and your son eat is a super lowlife to me. He does not give a shit about you, let alone your baby. I was 19 when I had my daughter in a similar situation. I got rid of him by the time she was 6mos. Now she is 12 and happy, no worries about food, clothes, shoes. Because I chose to make a difference. Do not worry about leaving your child in daycare, as long as you do your research, everything will be fine. Him not wanting you to look for childcare is an excuse to keep you from doing anything. Men do not want women to have the upper hand, by you going to work, educating yourself and making money, he knows that he will lose you, because that is when you will wake up. It is not "A Mans World" anymore. Make a decission for you and your child.

By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 20:41

Look for a shelter in your area. try organizations like the YMCA or the nearest church...they'd know where a shelter is. the shelter will put a roof over your head and help you set obtainable goals, get a job and out on your own. Get away from that situation. not good. it wont get better if you dont make some changes. apparantly, he is not going to change anything. good luck to you and God Bless.

By anonymous at 17,Dec,11 01:45

both of these woman are right you need to get out of there you can go to shelter if you dont get out you could loose your son cause of the drugs and both go to jail..... he is controling you leave his lasy ass now. I have something that might help you it is free and you can work from home or where every you have the internet it pay good money you can earn 200 to 500+ aday and pays daily but keep the money for you and your son dont even let him know you have it let that bum go get read of hi and move on with your own life. Any way please go to this web site again it free God Bless you

By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 20:44


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