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I don't believe in god anymore

Posted by WTF at November 4, 2011
Tags: Money  2011 November

My life has been spiraling down quick. Yes, I do have a home. But I'm also having so much problems with where I live. The people who work here hate me, and do anything to piss me off. My tags expired, but I park my car where no one can see it. I back it up into a wall and move it from time to time. Someone from this place towed it. There watching every single move I make. I don't have a job so I can't get it out. So I'm fucked. Now I take the bus so I can go to school. It's so much money that I don't have. In fact I was walking to the bus stop this morning and when I pull my money out for the bus guess what??? My fucking money is gone. I put it in a deep pocket how the hell did it fall out? On top of that school told me I could not take a loan out. Why the hell not? I'm trying to sell the furniture in my house to make money but all I get are scams and stupid people. God does not exist.


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By anonymous at 11,Dec,11 19:14

I'm confused by your post

By anonymous at 13,Dec,11 15:03

It's not that bad and yes God is there all you do is have to believe and live by his word. People are sleeping on side walks in below degress weather. I have a car to sleep in so that makes me better off then others. I have a job that pays a whopping 9,500. a year, we are worked like dogs.

By anonymous at 14,Dec,11 06:29

God lives, he breathes his life into you every day of your life and he makes your heart beat to the rhythm of love and friendship. Reach out to others in a very real way . . . and be humble. . . try to help others, even though you haven't got a lot of money to give . . . you know this is not what they really need because it's not what you really need. Life can be hard, and sometimes we ask ourselves 'why can't my life be like that person's life?'. It's all about helping someone else to make it through and in doing this, you will be helping yourself. God loves you and so do I, even though I don't even know you. I feel your pain, because, it is a pain common to us all. We want so much, but forget we already have so much. You just have to open your eyes and see it . . . and be grateful. Before you know it . . . more of what you want will just materialise in your life . . . and the more you appreciate what you have and try to help others . . . the more you will draw the good things of life into your reality. I know this, because this has worked for me . . . and God does exist, he saved my life . . . saved my son from a life of lonliness and every day I can see that things get better. They will for you too, if you follow my advice and e strong and patient. I promise.

By anonymous at 14,Dec,11 11:26

He does not exist because the devil has a hold of you. Listen to yurself...We all struggle but GOD is mighty, loving, he forgives and if you don't change your outlook, you will never see joy.
By anonymous at 15,Dec,11 07:55

^This person believes a fiery red man that lives in center of the earth is controlling you...

Something tells you shouldn't listen to him...

By anonymous at 15,Dec,11 15:40

If God does exist he hates us all.

By anonymous at 15,Dec,11 20:00

^ and this person is a BLIND IGNORANT that believes God has hate for all his children. Do yourself a favor READ THE HOLY BIBLE!!!

By anonymous at 21,Dec,11 03:59

And ALL of you guys are STUPID humans that suck!!

By anonymous at 21,Dec,11 22:47

And so are YOU.. ^

By anonymous at 22,Dec,11 04:15

And ALL you^ SINNERS should go JUMP off a really high CLIFF.

By anonymous at 23,Dec,11 04:12

And so should you ^ "holy angel"..

By anonymous at 02,Jan,12 03:56

You guys are funny..

By anonymous at 06,Jan,12 04:14

And you smell ^

By anonymous at 21,Feb,12 16:17

Hey I understand u idid believe ive asked for help over. An over but things get worse I ask 4 forgiveness 4 losing faith worse it gets

By anonymous at 21,Feb,12 16:27

I ask for help cant get any my husband my kids an my cat hate me I'm just a maid to them I can't never get my kids anything they asked for I'm Dum with no education worthless I am yes. This isn't a pity party but just.the truth if God loved me he would stop this show me a sign or something instead he lets life get harder even with all efforts I put forth I think he is the one that dat stop my progress

By anonymous at 28,Mar,12 23:26

I Used to believe in God but I don't believe in him anymore I felt really bad because I thought I was the only one I dedicated 19 years of my life to a fairy tale if God was real why would people suffer so much I prayed and prayed to no avail there is no God it is a fairy tale!

By dminsc at 23,Jun,12 04:26

To OP, if you were faithful once and your loss of faith bothers you, consider returning to your faith community. For Mass, church, services, prayers, whatever. Talk do your imam, rabbi, minister or priest. Sometimes we need to help God return to us. If you're of Judeo-Christian background (and maybe Muslim, not sure of the Koran), read Job. And re-read it. Sometimes there is no answer, but Job persevered. Bless, and good luck.

By anonymous at 13,Jul,12 07:37

you say give to others and you will get back...i gave all my life to others and if there ia a god he doesn't see it

By Jovens at 13,Sep,12 09:10

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By anonymous at 14,Oct,12 20:45

Fuck u and all that believe in this GOD! He doesent exist!! That's it!!

By believer? at 06,Feb,13 23:05

I hate my life, I have been praying to the lord he never seems to listen. now im all fucked up. I dont think I can hold on to this faith anymore.

By mia pron khalifa at 15,Apr,19 16:29

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By mia pron khalifa at 19,Apr,19 07:42

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