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where did it go wrong

Posted by mitchel at November 6, 2011
Tags: 2011 November  Relationship

Life was good, husband, kids house job. Then husband got depressed and life as we know it is over. at his lowest, he had visions of killing us all and then himself, got him help, got a little better, then one night we had a fight, and he tried to strangle me. just hasnt been the same since. thought about leaving, but what do i have to support my kids with. i keep hopeing he will turn around and medication will work and he will again be the man i fell in love with. but here is sit waiting...


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New Comment

By at 15,Dec,11 23:43

God is the best medication

By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 04:21

I fear for your saftey, you need to contact your local domestic violence shelter. First you know down inside he is someday going to kill you, He is going to say sorry, buy you more things, but it will never be like when you first met, Why? because this is what we call the honeymoon, the manipulation part of the relatinship (kindness,love, and all the extra care in the beginning), then domination and control. The meds are explained as the reason (ITS HIM NOT THE MEDS) why he hurt you, but its not, or they blame alcohol/drugs/family/work/mental issues. I see this every day, no I know you have a fear of needing money $, but your kids don't need to be hurt and they don't need to see their mommy hurt. You need to let your family and friends know , now if he has done a good job that this type of person does, you don't have any friends or family around, so he was able to have more control. This type of person told you his dream, becuase its part of the control, you need to get a plan, if you are harmed you need to call 911 , stop allowing yourself to be called names, and beat, you are a very kind hearted, sweet, loving, good looking person, who needs help keeping your family safe. Please don't allow him to blame others or the meds, I know you want to belive that its just the meds not working, or taking them, but you were a set mark from the start when you first dated.

I want you to buy/rent or barrow the book * THE GIFT OF FEAR** This is a true story, but it will save your life and your family, I give this book to all my family, friends and to victims of crimes so they never become a victim again. The book is very cheap like $6 at and you can get it on kindle.
Just get the book if not anyhting else, your reaching for help just from your posting, there is a support network for you, if you leave and worry about money that is why family abuse centers are in every city, for a place to live, money, food, care for the kids, find housing, money, its all there.

I could tell you about the 10,260 cases I worked, and the many years at the study of family violence,stalking,sex crimes, and death.

I tell you this if your still alive, don't let him kill you , save yourself and your kids.

God does help by having you seek strangers advise , since he has casued you such worry. Don't over look your inner voice of saftey and concern, I know you lived this long with him, but he is going to kill you, and you know it down inside. call and get help and don't let him know what your doing as he may cause you more harm with you trying to live away from him. BUT YOU CANNOT LIVE LIFE LIKE THIS AND DO IT FOR YOUR KIDS, BECAUSE HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF. (Stop defending him, becuase no person should ever defend someone like him,for what is is doing)

Good luck, and I hope you are able to read this , if not god bless you and your kids, I pray for you, I do feel your pain,I have a tear for you and your kids, . Lord I ask you to help this family and this person find safety, if not, lord please accept them into your kingdom,and stop the pain,fear,sadness,and hurt, Amen,

By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 18:52

OMG :(

By anonymous at 17,Dec,11 17:46

run and don't look back

By anonymous at 18,Dec,11 11:03

I think you need to get him into a hospital unit or something maybe pack your things and live with your family members or a friend, its your and your childrens lives on the line i think you need to move away somehow x

By anonymous at 18,Dec,11 23:08

The average times a woman who is abused trys to leave is 9. Find your courage, talk to someone you trust, find a shelter and get out. He will hurt you again. I believe in you. Leave it all behind, take heart, and run. Run to someone who will give you the strength to save yourself, and in the process of you getting healthy, you may see him change also. Continuing to do the same thing over and over and taking your chances is crazy.RUN. If my Daughter could get out so can you. God go with you, your not alone.

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