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my life suck................

Posted by Nargiz from pecb at March 17, 2010
Tags: Juvenile problems  2010 March

My life suck lik hell!!!!! I like a guy from class 8 in my school but the problem is he liks me only as a frnd and i cant tell him anything.....every nite im crying cuz i only think of him....i love him sooooo much but he doesnt kno it!!!! My life just suck!!!!my parents r making me sickkk!!!!! they dont understand me at all they dont get that im already big enough to solve things my life is just a bullshit!!!!!!! if u kno wat to do plzzzz tell me!!!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 17,Mar,10 13:43

He is just a guy! do you know how extremely young you are? you have plenty of time to find love. how can you love a guy you hardly know? Love takes time, effort and development. there is more to life then just a guy. if he doesnt have feelings for you in that way, then just accept it. Enjoy his friendship, that's all you can really do.

And maybe your parents don't understand becuase they think that you will just make a big deal about everything since thats what teenagers do most of the time, but in reality, your parents DO need to hear you out, help you and give you advice. I would tell them or remind them that they use to be teenagers too. if they still ignore you, simply don't tell them anything anymore and got to another adult or councilor and speak with them.
By anonymous at 18,Mar,10 07:54

there is a difference between loving a guy and having sex with the guy, which is it? u want him to fuck u? u want to suck his cock? or maybe lick his hot ass, thats what teenagers do, they don't know the difference between loving someone or having sex with someone. just tell him how u feel, the worse thing he can say is no and then go onto the next one, u have a long life ahead of u, many different guys with different size cock out there, i had my share from 4inches to 13 and a half inches, but i like the 6 to 8 inches, thats about the right size for my ass while i jerk off. mmmmmmm yeahhhhh hottttttt :PPPPP :)
By anonymous at 09,Jun,10 06:42 Fold Up

thanksss!!!! for advise=)but this guy isnt just a guyy......

By anonymous at 21,Mar,10 21:42

Dude its just a guy.
Whats so special about him?
The way he looks at you..makes you want to melt..?
Like oh shit, how he walks it's so fucking hot!!! His butt wags!! && all you can think about is sucking face with him.

Find ur inner girlish balls and pull him behind some bush and go devil may care hardcore chick with thee throbbing pussy.

Eh thats a bit much but yer not gonna get shit while crying your heart out. >.>
By anonymous at 09,Jun,10 06:45

he is really specialll!!!!! I really love himm!!!!
By anonymous at 23,Apr,12 06:53 Fold Up

i agree to the fullest extent. Grow some balls bitch!

By anonymous at 22,Mar,10 14:44

Grow up kid...
u will find many guys in your path through growing trust me...
some of them they will break your heart maybe... or u will breat theirs...
the point is dont stuck to just one... there are many fish on the sea... u do the game... dont let the other play u..

and about your parents...well lets say that parents never had and never will understand us... the point is that whatever they might doing...they always want the best for u.. dont forget that...

By anonymous at 08,Jul,10 05:55

let me fuck you! then let me squirt my cum in your mouth
By anonymous at 23,Apr,12 06:55

i am surprised that a dude with such a small dick like yours has the ability to even aim the cum. I doubt your small dick could even give an ant an orgasm!

By anonymous at 27,Dec,11 23:46

That's life god will send u someone who care for you and love you ok good luck girl

By suba suba at 07,Nov,19 11:22

B6Nswi I really liked your article post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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