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life sucks

Posted by anonymous at November 15, 2011
Tags: Job  Justice  2011 November  Relationship

Where to start...found out I was pregnant,I got fired and arrested at my job(long story short I went to the store for a friend where I worked she gave me a stolen gift card),I have a criminal record now, I got my first traffic violation,can't find a job so I sold pretty much everything I owned so I could get stuff for the baby I had my beautiful daughter :) my boyfriend won't take care of are daughter so he never changed a diaper , feed her or got up in the middle of the night it feels like I'm taking care of two babies. since we brought are daughter home from the hospital we have not slept in the same bed together, as I'm getting up to take care of the baby he's going to bed and sleeps until 5 in the evening. I found out he was cheating on me so I tried to leave but he broke his hand by punching the door and tells me if I ever try to leave again he will bash my head in. so I'm scared to leave but I did get my ged and my stna license, now I'm just hoping to find a job and save up enough money to move far away but know one wants to hire me because of my criminal record I just don't want my daughter to be in this house hold no more with all the fighting and the people coming in and out of the house all the time and him selling drugs I'm just so scarred that this is it my life.


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By at 23,Dec,11 09:27

Hide a camera nearby, and start an argument that would get him really really mad. When he is mad enough, say to him that you are leaving and he can bash you all he like in his face closly up and personally. When he hit, let him hit you hard for a few punches, and then say that you are not going to move and beg for mercy.

Hide the camera away, until you are free to leave the house with your wound that is heal and your camera to the police station. Remember to take photos of you injuried face too when your bruces are purple.

make sure you dont tell any soul of this plan, and that you have a place to hide until they take him away. Once he is taken, move away from the town or state with your daughter and never look back there at that time.

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