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What a beautiful civilization we live in -_-

Posted by FTW = F_The_World at November 18, 2011
Tags: 2011 November  Philosophical

I never asked to come here, why was I put here on this planet and in this particular time. I hate the world, I hate what is expected of every average human being's life... Born, school, work, work, work, retirement, death. Who the HELL came up with this system... we only live ONCE and this is what is expected, FUCK THAT!!!!


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By at 25,Dec,11 13:38

Blame the ancient Chinese who invented paper money, bank, gun powder, and compass.
I know of your hatred as I bare other negative POV over the very same world we live in. However no world in the universe is a perfect place. If you look at the insects world, you know they too have war and cannabilism (spelling?) If you look at evolution, you know that species compete against each other, and you also know that there were several mass extinction in the past of this planet.
This is just the nature of living. Having said that however, I urge you to not play the game that you are program to play. Just live by what you need until you can overlook your unnecessary desires that lead to countless disappointments. Then you can choose your own game.

By anonymous at 26,Dec,11 11:50

That is not what is expected from you. That's not what God intends. He does not intend for people to work like society is making people do. Materialism is ruining the planet, so reject materialism, and focus on things that bring quality to your life. Don't worry about working. The condition of your soul is more important because death is inevitable. Life is a proving ground of the soul. Do everything you can to live as you believe. The most important thing is returning to the source of your life. There is an eternal all powerful incorruptible goodness, love and mercy. That it exists is a miracle unto itself. God is a miracle. Don't think there are no miracles. Be strong and have faith. Attempt the impossible, God gives you command over your body. Don't let the needs of the body control your life. Let the need of you soul drive you and God will provide for the body.
By anonymous at 11,May,12 01:38

Take you and that bastard god somewhere else.
By at 10,Jun,13 12:45


By anonymous at 15,Jan,12 14:04

I agree fully with you. What a fucking terrible system. Absolutely pointless. I don't know why we bother with all our pretenses to get on with everyone. We should just tear each other to pieces to fulfill our lust and greed. Fuck the mother fucking world!

By anonymous at 11,May,12 01:39

I agree the system is set up so no one can ever follow their dreams it blows.

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