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a sucky past

Posted by anonymous at November 25, 2011
Tags: Family  2011 November

Just to let you know my life doesn’t suck just my past that I am still am dealing with.

When I was around three or four years old my mom took drugs. It affected me and my twin sister more than it did to her. She was constantly sleeping all day long with her boyfriend. M e and my sister had to learn to look after each other and everyday I wool wish for things to belike they use to when we would pint rocks or draw parks but that never happened. When she would be awake she was always fighting with her boyfriend about little things like that he broke her favorite mug. They would end up in yelling matches and she would drive away with us and him following. One day two ladies in black suits came in to talk to our mom and we had to go to the other room. When we could go back into the room my mom was crying and told us to go with the ladies.
Our first foster home was on a farm with these nice ladies and their teenage kids but after about two months we went to live with our grandma and grandpa and were there less time
than the farm. Our next foster home was with a woman and her husband and their kids. By for this was the worse place. Their kids were mean and got me into trouble that made me sit on a chair for hours. One time the woman even told me and my sister we were going to hell. After a year our aunt uncle adopted us. Life was great with them me and my sister loved it there. We got to visit out our family and my birth mom was off drugs and dumped her boyfriend. But one visit when I was eight we were suppose to meet up with her but she never arrived we later found out that she took to muck pain killers for her tooth ache and was in the hospital then other times we could tell she was on drugs by the ay she was sleeping all the time on our visits but we loved her and knew that she was trying. One day on the way from school we were told that our grandpa was being accused of sexually harassing one of my older half sisters (I have 3 half sister then my adopted sister then my twin) every one knew that, that was lying. My grandpa wouldn’t hurt a fly and my half sister was kind messed up. When me and my twin were three years old she got us to smoke in the middle of the night. She would also cut her wrist, then she also accused her father of beating her (not true) none of these things she told us were true. But my poor grandpa was still sent to jail wrongly accused. And every time I go down for visits I know that I might never see him again. About a year later I find out that my birth mom is pregnant with a girl. (That makes her having six kids all girls) she ends up having to get to keep this baby girl that I adore. But I cant help feel that why couldn’t she have cleaned up her act for me and my twin? And why out of six kids she can clean up her act for one. I still wonder that today but am happy about the ways things turned out. I have great friends and a great family and all my sisters are doing great even the messed up one.


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