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lifes not worth living

Posted by Jim at November 30, 2011
Tags: Money  2011 November  Philosophical

i have been depressed since ive been 14 years old. before that, i never thought about how shitty responsibilites are. i dont understand why anybody would want to work there ass off in school, just to work and make little money. i do not have any mental disabilities, but i do have eczema. on top of that, i cannot get a job, and i have no way of making money. any money i get, goes to pot because it eases the pain. i littlerally make 5 bucks every 2 weeks. i always feel like everybody acts as my friend, but when i turn away, they laugh at how im such a nobody. people are assholes, and everything i say means nothing, to anybody.


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New Comment

By at 03,Jan,12 18:22

Please try to get a better job and keep searching. When you find one that will give you a pretty good salary and I promise you, things will be better. you will get good money to keep up with bills and get things you need and everything wil be easier. once that happens you will feel like a better person and will be happier, and once you are happier you will make better friends in life and find a partner. Things will be ok i promise and please stop putting your money to pot. It doesn't solve anything at all. It makes you unhealthy and it makes people think you aren't mature enough to handle this the right way, and also it will never eases the pain. it will be a addiction for the rest of your life that will probably cause death and wont let you be able to have a good life. Please try to find a job and quit pot. Things will be better. LISTEN TO ME please and god bless you.

By anonymous at 03,Jan,12 21:09

What she said...

But i wanna stress one thing. Quit the weed. I know i know it kills the pain no doupt.....Anything that kills your brain i guess would kill everything IN your brain to. including pain. No doupt.

But its a friggen cover up, it dont fix nothing really, it distracts you from everything else.....even do i know? because i have in the last month quit two jobs, because i became so dependent on pot, i pretty much said frig work, because i couldnt handle a SIMPLE comute to work in the mornings without it, and to be honest im in the shitter right now, no income, no life really.

PLEASE MAN TRY, even for me, im trying to give it up, the more people in this together the easier it will be.

Take care of yourself. Im alone to, no friends, ok well maybe like 2-3 and iv been 25 years trying to get those :) my best friend is my cousin, theres nothing wrong with finding a true friendship in your own family, so go for it, me and him have made each others lifes alot better as a result anyways.
You will find that some family memebers are VERY oddly enough like yourself which makes for a more interesting friend if you ask me.

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